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Beginners Life Casting - Intro to Mold-Making

Seattle, WA , United States

About Your Host

I've been a Maker since a very young age. I got interested in lasers in the early 80's for rock and roll shows. in 1987 I was instrumental in the design of the first low cost commercial sign cutter by IOLINE Corp. Later a laser sign cutter I conceptualized was manufactured by EdgeWise Tools, Inc. I then moved on to doing some of the solids modeling of a new CO2 laser galvo moter driven industrial marking system for SYNRAD Corp. I am now at the Sodo Makerspace still making things and teaching laser certifications and Life Casting.

What we'll do

My Life Casting Workshop will take you through the process of creating a three-dimensional copy of a living human hand, through the use of molding and casting techniques. Compared with other three-dimensional representations of humans, the standout feature of Life Casts is their high level of realism and detail. Life Casts can replicate details as small as fingerprints and pores. You will walk away with an unfinished hard rock plaster cast of your hand(s), along with a pedestal to mount it on. The class will take about 3-4 hours and will give you a great introduction should you choose to take it farther and try larger body parts. This casting technique is also suitable for creating 1 and 2 part molds for prototype reproductions. All necessary materials are supplied. It's a little messy so don't wear your Sunday best on workshop day. I am putting together another workshop to do artistic finishing on your cast.



for Beginners Life Casting - Intro to Mold-Making

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    $150 USD

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    $150 USD

    per person