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My name is Kandy Christensen and I am a creator, maker, dreamer, photographer, traveler and Certified Interior Decorator. In a world filled with too much information, clutter, and consumption you want your home to be a haven; I can help you create a serene welcoming environment. Living in Chicago I've been lucky to have the richest architecture in the city to drive my inspiration. There are so many styles and eras to draw from. My goal is to help you find your style and for your home be a manifestation of who you are. As a child I was constantly rearranging rooms and day-dreaming about color and pattern. Items with history appeal to me and I've had a life-long obsession for salvaging materials and reusing them. While designing is my passion I also love to travel. I like to meet new people and learn about their culture. Those travels spark ideas for new color or patterns that I use in the spaces I design. I shoot old school film on a vintage Ilford camera that I bought on Portobello road in London. Friends often take pictures of me taking pictures. My design philosophy is strongly driven by the need to incorporate sustainable, thoughtfully made, local and handmade products into the home.. I avidly support local artists, artisans, makers and the maker movement. I firmly believe that it is possible to incorporate sustainable practices in design without sacrificing style and while staying on budget.

What we'll do

What do you want your life to look like? I'm guessing that the answer is not busy and full of chaos! Life Redesigned will give you tips and tricks on how to wrangle real life chaos, design a space that supports the life you want to live and give you ideas on how to make it look gorgeous. If any of the statements below are true a) you are not alone and b) it's time for a change: You can't close your 'junk' drawer. You keep reaching for the same five things hanging in your closet and the rest of your clothes are gathering dust. You've experienced loss or grief and have a hard time letting go of things. You misplace your keys at least once a week. There is a pile of mail on the dining room table. You are ashamed to have people over. You are afraid the dust bunnies will start attacking soon. Your home makes you feel anxious. Your house looks clean on the surface but if anyone opens the closet the gig is up. You think if you get a storage system everything will get better. We've packed our homes and schedules with so many things that it feels like we don't have room to breath. Along the way we've lost track of the things that we want to do in life, whether that is to spend more time with family, write a novel, vacation in the South of France, volunteer more, spend less money to save up dream idea here, arts and crafts, start a business, or whatever it is you dream of doing. Through teaching my Interior Design 101 course and working with clients I have found that people need some help getting their house in order. Paint, light fixtures, furniture and rugs are only part of the Interior Design equation. What needs to happen first is clearing away clutter, creating space and designing our home to support the way we want to live our lives. The first step is learning how to do it, so please join me.



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