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Want a Beautiful Personalized Mala? Make One

Denver, CO , United States

About Your Host

I have a mission! I want to bring people together to create, and grow a collective of curious creatives and artists in arms who wish to share their passion for making and hand crafting beautiful things for the pure joy of it. I believe all art comes from the soul, the architect, and the hands and eyes are the builders for those inspired ideas. I myself am a bead and jewelry enthusiast, but I want to gather makers of all arts to inspire, support each other, and share. I'd love to build a creative community, and bring together others who have a passion for making things. Lately I've dabbled in making malas, necklaces, beaded bracelets, leather wallets, cuffs. BUT I need to make more! I'm an artisan on Etsy too! Selling the many malas I make at and I have a meetup as well, at I imagine creating a haven for creators and creatives. It's a dream coming true every second.

What we'll do

In the name of self-love and the joy of creative therapy, customize a mala expressing your unique style and personal intentions! With over 24 types of stone beads, you'll tap into your creative flow to design a 108-bead knotted mala necklace & handmade tassel. You'll end up with a piece of art you wear and will always cherish. The word “mala” means "heavenly garland" or "necklace", and it is used as a tool for meditation or prayer and as a beautiful talisman. It is sacred, and intended for meditation and attunement, and typically you speak the name of a deity, intention, or affirmation while touching each bead. Over time, the more you use it, the more powerful it becomes, and the more peaceful, aware, and tuned in you become. I love the idea of the mala, believing that when you use it for meditation or mindfulness, you carry those positive intentions with you. I hope we have the opportunity to create together. I am also the artisan of In Creative Bliss on Etsy, and I truly believe that building creative community and spaces for people to create is my calling. Since June last year, I've taught 300+ students and each creation has been absolutely gorgeous. Hoping to share my passion with you and create together!



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