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Home Ec Lesson: Holiday Wreath Making {plus delicious food + wine}

Martinez, CA , United States

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Piper & Sloan is the culmination of all that I love: food, style, entertaining, making things by hand, visiting interesting places, and writing about things I find important, provocative, or timely. I picture Piper and Sloan as individual women, whose traits embody the different roles we play as women: Piper, the cook, mother, and hippy-at-heart who’d rather spend a day dirtying her hands in a garden and cooking a meal with fresh ingredients than put on a dress and heels; Sloan, the smart, professional, driven woman who can hold her own at an elegant dinner or a business meeting. I'm so excited to offer workshops that bring together like-minded women to create beautiful things and engage in intentional self-care!

What we'll do

Making things with your hands is a great way to engage in a type of meditative, productive rest for your mind that can lead to happy, creative thoughts. During the holidays, when you're rushing around making sure everyone else is taken care of, why not take an evening to slow down, take time for yourself - or bring friends together - to make a beautiful, handmade wreath? We'll be using natural elements both from Ampersand - my favorite flower shop in San Francisco - and locally foraged items that will dry beautifully so you can enjoy your wreath for months to come. We'll have delicious food, fruit pies, pumpkin pies, and plenty of wine. In this three-hour Home Ec Workshop, you'll: - Reconnect with traditional homemaking methods that benefit you and your home environment. - Learn from Jen of Piper and Sloan how to create a beautiful, handmade wreath from natural elements from Ampersand and foraged elements from our local area. - Enjoy delicious food, fresh seasonal pies, and a variety of wines (including sparkling). Gluten free & dairy free accommodations will be made. - Connect with a community of women who want to learn simple ways to return to our roots through intentional living. - Receive a subscription to the Piper & Sloan monthly newsletter. - Take home a self-care focused goody bag! - Feel confident, encouraged, and cared for by taking time to create a beautiful project you made yourself! - Learn about the wellness benefits of creating. - Spend time in the lovingly curated States Coffee Roasting Room - it's the perfect environment for creativity!



for Home Ec Lesson: Holiday Wreath Making {plus delicious food + wine}

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