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Learn Jewelry Making like the Professionals - Fabrication and Soldering

North Miami, FL , United States

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Hello, my name is Steven Brownlee. I am the owner of Brownlee & Company and the director of the Jewelry Creations Workshops, in Miami, Florida. I’ve worked as a professional jeweler for the last 14 years, and worked as a bench jeweler for two prestigious jewelry stores, the latest in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alix & Company. I remember the first time I began working with metal. A friend taught me how to make an intricate chain pattern. I was fascinated, working with my hands, creating amazing things; I soon saw the endless possibilities. I wanted to learn everything there was to know about metal and jewelry. I first started taking classes 14 years ago and have not stopped since. I believe you can never stop learning new tricks and techniques no mater how much you know. I am a graduate of the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, California. I am also certified with the Jewelers of America as a Bench Jewelry Technician. I’ve been teaching the art of jewelry making for the last 6 years. I love what I do and I’m eager to share my passion and knowledge with you.

What we'll do

This group class meets once a week for 6 weeks, each class is 3 hours, always meeting on the same day of the week at the same time. You will become familiar with the tools of the trade such as specialty hand tools, torch, jewelers flex shaft, polishing motor, and more. Through individual help and class demonstration you will learn about layout, piercing, filing, forming, soldering, stone setting and finishing. You will complete 3 main projects, each teaching you specific skills needed to complete the ones that follow. Your final project is a piece where you will set a stone. This is where all of the technical knowledge you've learned in the previous projects is put to use to create the design of your choice (given its within your abilities and knowhow). You will gain confidence in the jewelry studio environment and a full understanding of what the craft is all about. We hope that you fall in love with the process and take it to new levels! You don't need any previous knowledge to attend this class. 18 hours of hands on experience.



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    $360 USD

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    $360 USD

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