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Hey there! My name is William Song, and I'm a certified hypnotherapist. My private practice has been in San Francisco since 2003. I help people to change habits, and I help those with chronic health issues. I'm the author of the book, "Healing and Hypnosis." My former career was in finance at a few companies. I worked in operations, trading, tech support, and lastly equity research at an investment bank. My dream was to become a hedge fund manager. But sometimes life gives us a detour. And I'm glad, because instead of getting my MBA and joining a hedge fund, I found my calling as a hypnotherapist. After all these years, I still love teaching self-hypnosis and helping clients to succeed.

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Do you relate to this pattern? - You diet for a few months, and you drop some weight. Wahoo! - Then wham! You’re on the couch watching Netflix, binging on a bag of potato chips wondering, "What happened?" That's why we created a system that's the opposite of dieting (i.e., deprivation). - Mindful eating flows with human nature, not against it. - It combines hypnosis, meditation, nutrition and habit change. - We address the inner game and outer game of eating. We are... - Jennifer Carino, a weight loss acupuncturist and your meditation instructor. - William Song, a weight loss hypnotherapist and author of the book, "Healing and Hypnosis." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FAQ Q. "Why do people overeat?" Often it's due to stress. When we talk about stress, we need to talk about the hidden part of you that manages stress: your subconscious mind. - It does most of your thinking. - It handles your emotions and habits (i.e., behaviors you do over and over, such as overeating). - If you often overeat when you're stressed, that's your subconscious handling stress for you. Q. "I've stopped overeating at times, but I return to it over and over. Why?" Your subconscious mind is stronger than your conscious mind (i.e., will power). If your subconscious truly believes that food is the cure for stress, then you’ll overeat. But you can use hypnosis to greatly reduce stress. And by using hypnosis, you can teach your subconscious to have healthier ways of dealing with stress, so you won't turn to food as the solution. Q. "I've read about mindful eating. Is it true that it's partly based on pleasure?" Yes. By learning how to get more pleasure from your food’s flavor, texture, scent, etc., you’ll feel full a lot sooner. More pleasure = less eating. Besides the mental game of eating, you'll learn the crucial physical game of eating. - That includes increasing your nutrition skills and creating better eating habits. - It's not just about cutting out "bad" foods; it's about adding in the nutritious, energy providing foods, too. - You'll gain a deeper understanding about how your body works, so you can manage your eating more easily. Ex. Increase your metabolism by simply chewing more. - Research has shown that sleep really affects eating. So you'll learn to use hypnosis to manage your sleep, so you eat less. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What you'll receive... - A three-hour workshop: Learn simple hypnosis, meditation, and crucial information on nutrition and habit change. - 30 days of email support: Let us know your progress and ask us questions. Use these 30 days of email support to build your mindful eating foundation. Is our approach right for you? It may be right for you if... - You're ready to stop dieting, because dieting feels like deprivation. - You believe that shifting how you relate to food is key to your success. - And you're open to new ideas, including the idea that mindful pleasure can be a gateway to change.



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