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Bliss Belly Meditation, Tea, and Ayurvedic Snacks!

Every person experiences stress. The question is- does everyone have to experience pain and suffering. Therein lies the choice- between what you do with your s...

Bliss Belly Meditation, Tea, and Ayurvedic Snacks!
Berkeley, CA, United States
2 h
This event is available at either the host's venue or at a guest's location. To coordinate an off-site event, please message the host.
6 - 100 Guest(s)
Public Transit

Every person experiences stress. The question is- does everyone have to experience pain and suffering. Therein lies the choice- between what you do with your stress and how you handle it. Meditation was something very challenging and almost frustrating for me until I learned to sit down and utilize the breath to bridge the gap between mind and Self. "The monkey mind", as they say is constantly jumping around, wandering, panicking, creating havoc. Meditation is the secret to happiness, and the key is through the breath. This class is co-sponsored by the Art of Living Foundation and Bliss Belly Kitchen. You will learn, experience, and take home some practical tools to improve quality of life and learn the "Art of Living!" Chef Neelam is an internationally reknowned Ayurvedic chef and meditation instructor. She combines her two passions in this class. Start the class with some loosening stretches, dive into some breathing, meditation and relaxation. After that Neelam will serve you some calming and relaxing tea and Ayurvedic snacks. Think of it as a tea party for the mind, body and soul!

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Bliss Belly Kitchen
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Chef Neelam uses only the best ingredients to deliver a nourishing, caring, delicious meal. She cares not just about nourishing the body, but about the soul too! Her dishes are from the heart. She uses her intuition to season the ingredients just right so the natural taste comes through! Chef Neelam loves to source directly from farmers and wants to bring more and more people into connection with the local land and what it has to offer. Neelam's cooking is light, healthy, delicious and nutritious. Chef Neelam believes that not only the ingredients are important, but the state of mind of the cook affects the food in an energy transfer. Therefore, Chef Neelam meditates to clear out any stresses before she cooks. With all of this love, you'll be feeling the benefits for hours! Prior to starting Bliss Belly Kitchen, Neelam cooked in some of the best vegan restaurants in New York City and was Guest Chef at the International Center for Meditation and Well Being in Boone, NC. Chef Neelam has been studying meditation, Ayurveda, and Vedic living with her teacher, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for the past 14 years. Her philosophy emerges out of her meditation practice, incorporating Ayurvedic principals into everything she creates!
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Bliss Belly Meditation, Tea, and Ayurvedic Snacks!
Hosted by Neelam Patil
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