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Modern Korean Architectural Adventures Near Sinchon

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About Your Host

Hi! My name is Jaeeun. I am a lighting designer in Seoul with architectural background, First, I love to travel. I've visited Germany, Australia, Japan, Singapore, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, and other places in China. But I know that life can be special without buying a flight ticket somewhere. I enjoy going museums, cafes, mountains, and the local flower market. If you could join me, it will be even more special!

What we'll do

I am a lighting designer with an architectural background. So whenever go abroad, I really look forward to observing and visiting famous architectural spots than vacation spots. How about you? Do you like architecture and design? If we have similar interests, please join me! This activity will take place near the Sinchon area. Here is the itinerary: Meet at Subway Line No. 2 Ewha Women's University Exit 3 Ewha Women's Univ. (Dominique Perrault - France) Wars and Women's Human Rights Museum (Wise architecture - Korea) Humanist Building (Gijunsung - Korea) Ae-kyung Design Center (Jung Hyun Mi + MKPL architects - Korea) Dinner and/or tea in Hongdae *These buildings have been awarded by the Korean Institute of Architects. *The tour comes with a brochure that I've created!



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    $30 USD

    per person

    $30 USD

    per person