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Expressive Wellness Series: Stories in A Minor

Question What happens when you combine music, creative writing, and the spontaneity of a child? Answer Stories In A Minor is a course created to stimulat...

Expressive Wellness Series: Stories in A Minor
New York, NY, United States
2 h
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1 - 100 Guest(s)
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Question What happens when you combine music, creative writing, and the spontaneity of a child? Answer Stories In A Minor is a course created to stimulate all of these ingredients. Participants will be asked to listen to different genres of music (classical, avant-garde, jazz, etc.) and compose a narrative, poem, or a free association writing based on that genre of music. But instead of using traditional writing methods (paper and pencil), participants will be encouraged to write on the walls and floors using crayons, markers, and color pencils. The benefits Stories In A Minor is designed to unlock all of your creative senses. From unleashing your childhood inhibitions to discovering your inner storyteller. Stories In A Minor will bring out the artist in everyone! The Series Stories in A Minor is a part of our Expressive Wellness Series. The Expressive Wellness Series, is a combination of carefully selected therapeutic art, movement, improvisation and creative writing sessions that are designed to help you re-connect with yourself and expose your inner creativity. Express Yourself Art boasts amazing healing powers. We believe that art should not just be seen, but felt, expressed and experienced. By combining all of the art disciplines, the Expressive Wellness Series does exactly that! Our team of instructors and certified art therapists are passionate, talented and experienced professionals. Step into a judgment and stress-free environment with carefully selected music and aromas. Take all courses, or perhaps just one, but certainly give your mind and soul the opportunity to heal.

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Imagine a creative space where you can experiment with different forms of art, explore your body through movement and dance, and tap into your creativity using modern technology. Imagine Unarthodox - a place where both kids and adults can connect with themselves in a judgement-free, creative environment. We offer art classes that incorporate non-traditional art methods to fully stimulate all of the senses and promote self-expression in a fun, entertaining way. Our activities vary from Art and Wine sessions and experimental, one-of-a-kind art classes to therapeutic interdisciplinary workshops that will allow its participants to fully explore and unleash their creativity. A variety of creative engagements such as art and expressive body movement can positively impact emotions, attitudes, and beliefs which contribute to greater health and wellness for the individual. We believe that combining all art disciplines with an experimental twist not only produces therapeutic benefits but can also be tons of fun! And that's what we're all about...fun!
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Expressive Wellness Series: Stories in A Minor
Hosted by Unarthodox Experimental Art Studio
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