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Adult Karate Class

Our mission is to help our students lead a more successful life through the practice of the Seisuikan Budo Ninjutsu system. We do this by teaching martial arts...

Adult Karate Class
Maplewood, NJ, United States
1 h
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1 - 100 Guest(s)

Our mission is to help our students lead a more successful life through the practice of the Seisuikan Budo Ninjutsu system. We do this by teaching martial arts as a complete discipline (mind, body, spirit). In addition to developing physical defense, our system encourages the formation of higher personal standards and respect for fellow men and women. Through our practice and teaching, we strive to produce individuals who are positive, respected and productive members of society. We have three main goals for our students: LEARN PRACTICAL SELF DEFENSE Blue Life Karate and Fitness Centers has a system of natural, easy to learn movements, which are designed to allow individuals young and old, male or female, to defend themselves against aggressive, often larger opponents. PROMOTE BETTER HEALTH In order to eliminate wasted motion and promote increased speed and power, students are taught to become more relaxed and fluid. The aerobic effect of training improves the cardiovascular system (hearts and lungs) and accelerates the body’s metabolism, causing you to burn more calories and to lose weight. Regular training also results in increased balance, flexibility, strength, muscle tone, speed, coordination, and improved reflexes and timing! Better health means you will not only look better and feel better, but you will also have a lot more energy to do the things you enjoy. DEVELOP A STRONG MIND In this aspect, our curriculum surpasses all other exercise and sports activities. Our program is taught according to individual needs and levels of skills. Through our instructor’s guidance and encouragement, students begin to establish, and achieve personal goals. Students learn that, by setting realistic goals and applying dedication and hard work, anything is possible. This develops confidence! The virtues of Respect, Concentration, Discipline, and Motivation are the characteristics of a truly confident individual. These virtues are consistently reinforced by our Staff. for wanting to take interest. Blue Life Karate and Fitness Centers stays focused on providing our students with the highest quality of instruction, professionalism, and the best customer service in the industry. To achieve our goal we have implemented programs that cater to the individual interests of our community. Our Students range from all ages with interests varying from stress relief and embracing a healthier lifestyle through exercise, to intense traditional training that the Martial Arts are so famous for. All aspects of our center are arranged to build a balanced relationship of trust and respect with our students. We offer our services in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that anyone can feel comfortable in. If you are ready to feel great, find discipline, improve your focus and find gain confidence, then come in and see us. **THESE CLASSES ARE 30 MINUTES, $24 FOR 4 CLASSES (CLICK ON BUNDLES ON THE TOP RIGHT CORNER)**

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Shihan Howard is a 9th Degree Black Belt and Founder of Blue Life Karate. Precise in his teaching yet warm in his delivery, Durand has the ability to teach the core principles with an element of fun that keeps kids and families coming back. His personal achievements include: 12 Time NJ State Karate Champion 3 Time World Champion 2 Time National Champion U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame World Karate Union Hall of Fame Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame Trained Champions for 24 years
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Adult Karate Class
Hosted by Durand Howard
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