Lotus-Leaf Painting Workshop

Join us for a beautiful lotus-leaf painting workshop and experience the meditative joy of an art practice imported from Thailand! You're probably thinking, wh...

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Lotus-Leaf Painting Workshop

Brooklyn, NY, United States
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3 Hours
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1 - 12 Guest(s)

Join us for a beautiful lotus-leaf painting workshop and experience the meditative joy of an art practice imported from Thailand! You're probably thinking, what is lotus-leaf painting? Well, in out intimate painting classes, out instructor shows students how to paint on a canvas of preserved lotus leaves, meticulously created by hand in Thailand. Himapan was founded in Bangkok, and the artistic approach is firmly rooted in Thai culture. While we run successful workshops across the world, this is the first time these classes are offered in the US. For your class, you'll be welcomed to our cozy Williamburg art studio with tea and invited to choose whatever colors you like to create your work. The painting session gives you and your significant other the chance to explore your creativity as a couple by making a stunning, colorful artwork which looks great hung on your wall. Our classes are small- no more than 12 people, so you'll have the chance to connect and have one-on-one time with the instructor to guide you in the creation of your work. All materials (canvas, brushes, acrylic paint in an array of stunning colors, sponges, protective apron) are provided during the workshops- simply bring yourself and your creativity. Every student gets a 40cm x 40cm canvas to paint on. (If you want a larger size or multiple canvas, you can upgrade in the class.) And don't worry- no art experience is necessary, we'll be sure to guide you through the two and a half hour session. At the end of the class, you can take your finished painting with you. We will send you home with a varnish of natural preservative you can then apply to the painting to make it long-lasting and beautiful. We're so happy to share the experience with you and are offering a special price for Verlocal members - save 30% on the $135 class prince. Reach out with any questions, delighted to hear from you!

$95 per person

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Hello, I'm Tristan, the founder of Himapan in the US. While my career has taken me from Paris to New York, my birthplace, Thailand, inspired my most recent passion. While on a trip to Bangkok last year, I fell in love with traditional lotus painting, and connected with native artists to understand and master their techniques. Today, we share that knowledge with students our Williamsburg studio, Himapan NYC. My teaching partner Samuel is experienced with art and color theory, and is a trained yoga instructor, mindfullness educator, and a Western Herbalist, with a passion for the cultural history of southeast Asia. It has been a joy to work with him hands-on to share the techniques, history, and approach to this beautiful and meditative art. We're excited to share this joy of lotus-leaf painting with you.

$95 / Person
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Lotus-Leaf Painting Workshop
Hosted by Himapan Team
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Lotus-Leaf Painting Workshop
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Lotus-Leaf Painting Workshop
by Himapan

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