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Kundalini Sonic Overnight Retreat

Join us for a beautiful overnight retreat 45 minutes up the Hudson to our magical “getaway” Noya Kaya. We are curating a potent healing portal for us to crys...

Kundalini Sonic Overnight Retreat
Los Angeles, CA, United States
2 d
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Join us for a beautiful overnight retreat 45 minutes up the Hudson to our magical “getaway” Noya Kaya. We are curating a potent healing portal for us to crystalize and go deep into the heart center in preparation for the Summer Solstice. Sonic Gong Healing is a powerful atunement that heals and aligns the physical body, and all of the subtle bodies. Being that our “body of light” acts as a tuning fork and an antenna, creating all of our circumstances through images and sound. We will refine our sound vibration immersing ourselves in the science of Naad, creating the unstruck sound of one voice, chanting powerful healing mantras. Dark Matter Meditations give us an opportunity to heal by returning to the darkness of the of the inner Universe. We will use the dark matter around us and inside of us to deeply relax the parasympathetic nervous system as we create our next epic ventures. Ceremonial Cacao (pure sacred chocolate) is healing medicine traditionally used in Central and South America. It’s known as the “Food of the Gods” and has powerful healing properties to open and heal the heart chakra. It’s often used for emotional detox, releasing fears and inhibitions so we can connect deeper into our original authentic self. OFFERINGS: KUNDALINI YOGA WORKSHOP // NAAD MEDITATIONS // DARK MATTER GONG JOURNEY // CACAO CEREMONY // EARLY MORNING SADHANA // SACRED COMMUNITY & MORE….. SCHEDULE: 12-1:00 Soft Arrival / Space to Unfold 1:00 – 2:00 pm Restorative Yoga 2:00pm Drop in Cacao Ceremony 3:00 pm Kundalini Yoga Workshop 5:00 pm Break 6:30 pm Vegetarian Dinner 8:30 pm Evening Activities 10:00 pm Dark Matter Gong Bath 5:00 am Special Sadhana 8:00 am Breakfast 9:00 am Clearing the Space 10:00 am Closing & Soft Exit

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Siri Rishi
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I am a Kundalini Yogini / Meditation Facilitator, the Creatrix of MOTHERSHIP GONGS and RISHI RETREATS, as well as co-creatrix of MOON WOMB. I hold weekly Kundalini Yoga Classes Uptown in Harlem at a private atelier. Monthly Overnight Gong Retreats at a "secret getaway up the Hudson", as well as immersions for deeper studies. RISHI RETREATS offers retreats in Costa Rica through out the Winter. MOON WOMB is a bi-monthly gathering that occurs on the Full Moon and New Moon. It is my joy to curate inspiring events dream weaving intentional community, making sacred teachings practical, and applicable. Integrating the wisdom of meditation, sound and Yoga so we may expand beyond our imagined boundaries creating new pathways for a fuller more authentic expression of Self. I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for over 15 years. All of my classes and workshops are Kundalini based sprinkled with other lineages of wisdom from the many beautiful wisdom teachings of our world. My approach is to connect the dots to all schools of wisdom and to create a container of oneness.
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Kundalini Sonic Overnight Retreat
Hosted by Siri Rishi Kaur
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