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Jewelry Production Beginner's Course

Manhattan, NY , United States
3 h

About Your Host

Inspired by the simple beauty found in the shapes and forms of the natural world, Ayaka Nishi endeavors to create jewelry of unparalleled beauty and exquisite craftsmanship. A unique feature of her works is that they exist simultaneously on two levels: they serve as compliments to the wearer’s wardrobe while at the same time they stand alone as singular works of art. She is currently focusing on her own line and establishing partnerships with some of the city's finest shops so that she can introduce her works to a larger audience. Ms. Nishi’s work has been exhibited at galleries both in America and Japan. She has received effusive praise and recognition for her creations from artists and fashionistas alike.

What we'll do

These classes are for students with no experience in jewelry production. The class meets 12 times and teaches you how to use different tools of jewelry production including sawing, soldering, hammering, polishing, and stone setting. With these different tools, students will produce their own jewelry. We use many tools in jewelry production. In order to learn jewelry production, we will work with something simple first. If you want to use fine materials (sterling silver or gold) you must pay separately.



for Jewelry Production Beginner's Course

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