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The Great Greek Classics with Wine!

New York, NY , United States

About Your Host

Being Greek, married to a French, living in Brooklyn and having spent a substantial amount of my life in Athens and London, I myself am ‘a citizen of the world’. But, I think I was that thing long before I moved to New York. I was raised in Athens, Greece but was born in Cyprus by a Cypriot dad and a mom born and raised in Cairo by a Greek family, originally from the Greek island complex of the Dodecanese and Smyrna, the great Levantine city, today’s Izmir. Add to that my husband, whose parents are originally from Spain, Tunisia, Algeria and the South of France and you have the perfect Mediterranean mélange. Hence, my culinary influences are diverse and rich. The aromas in my kitchen range from Cypriot halloumi cheese pies to French chocolate mousse, but the traditional Greek cuisine and my family recipes, going back to four generations, are really my one and only solid base. The passion I have for food and cooking comes from my natural love for long and loud family lunches & dinners, where food is not fancy, but delicious, home cooked and simple – sometimes elaborate - but always made with love! This is my favorite social experience; it engages all five senses and leaves you with a story to tell afterwards! My dream is to inspire people to experience everyday cooking as something fun, easy and convivial.

What we'll do

Add a Greek touch to your cooking menu and learn how to cook the favorite Greek classics using my mum’s tips and experience. The lesson reveals techniques and shortcuts that will save you time and keep your kitchen tidy while making some of the most elaborate and delicious dishes for your family and friends gatherings. This class will cover: Baked pasta with ground beef and béchamel sauce (pastitsio) Fried eggplant and potato dish, baked with ground beef and béchamel sauce (moussakas) The Real Greek salad (salata horiatiki) [vegetarian & glutenfree] Spoon sweets (glyka tou koutaliou) [vegetarian, vegan, glutenfree]



for The Great Greek Classics with Wine!

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    $100 USD

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    $100 USD

    per person