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Brooklyn, NY , United States

About Your Host

Tea ceremony is a special passion for me, 日本語でもいいよ, having lived in Kyoto on and off over the past decade. The philosophy of tea, which at its core is about having fun, has the potential to bring together people from different walks of life to face our collective struggles by exploring our collective imagination. In landscape architecture in Kyoto and in Brownsville, Brooklyn, I work for prevention of violence and chronic disease. Brownsville faces challenges necessitating a potent culture of healing. See my website at In group meditation we open up a kind of cipher - a space of zero - to share truth.

What we'll do

New York style intimate zen happening. Matcha Party brings a social and team building aspect to traditional meditation. Enjoy fresh powdered green tea whisked with hot water for the creation of a unique intimate environment with friends, colleagues, and confidants. Meditate with the distinctive awakening calm that Japanese monks have savored for centuries. Connect in the cipher with freestyle dance or spoken word. Taste the season.




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    $20 USD

    per person

    $20 USD

    per person