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Improv(e) Yourself: Improv for Professionals + Educators (Brooklyn)

Brooklyn, NY , United States

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In 2012, Founder Jen Brown (Oleniczak) was working as a museum educator in NYC and performing Off-Broadway with her improv troupe. When she noticed that the museum education field lacked the ‘how you say it’ component of teaching, she started leading professional development classes in Presentation Skills and threw in a few improv exercises. Realizing that improv connected directly with teaching and communicating, she listed a few public classes in NYC, limiting them to non-actors, specifically educators and teachers. Suddenly, professionals of all kinds were signing up for classes, raving about the results and bringing our improv classroom into their companies for trainings and development. After realizing this was the only class that very strictly did NOT train actors, but focused on the education and reflection side of improv, Jen began The Engaging Educator with a Yes, And and hasn’t looked back since. With the idea that improv is “going to the gym for your brain”, we believe improv is a lifestyle that needs to be practiced consistently and by everyone. Through improv education, professionally, socially and individually – all through the Yes, And. It is not our goal to make actors; our classes are strictly for people looking to work on skills unrelated to performing as a career. We often get asked “What is Yes, And?” Simply put, it’s the idea of elevation – we’re stronger when we surround ourselves by people that lift us up, and people we lift up. Our Yes, And mentality to teaching is not just positivity, it also embodies our idea of positive risk-taking – something we are doing as a company with our students!

What we'll do

Improvisation isn’t just for actors and comedians – it’s for everyone. Even MBA Students are being asked to take improv classes as part of their required courses. Why? Improv education focuses on key skills in communication – public speaking, listening, presence, connection and focus. We communicate every day – and there is a difference between doing it habitually and doing it well and with intention. Heard of the ‘Yes, And’ idea elevation mentality in workplace communication, creativity and team-building? It’s all based in Improv. During this class, our instructor will play with Improv education and YOUR goals. The first question we ask is WHY you’re here. Maybe you want to shake up your classroom. Maybe you are negotiating that big job. Maybe you’ve always been curious about improv. And maybe it’s just to have fun! Every class is focused on our participants as well as basic improv principles that improve communication – which means every class is different and customized for the individuals in the space. This class is not meant for actors – it’s focused on how improv works to improv(e) your professional, social and personal life. Flexibility and the ability to “roll with it” are skills that can be learned! They are essential in public speaking, classroom settings, and pretty much all professional interactions, whether with co-workers or clients. Just look here for some unexpected lessons from a former student. So what are you waiting for? The worst that happens is you spend a night laughing a lot!



for Improv(e) Yourself: Improv for Professionals + Educators (Brooklyn)

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