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Improv Workshop: LEVEL UP 3-Week Intensive

January 25th, February 1st and 8th- Wednesday nights from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM For those who have taken at least one three or six week improv class with The Eng...

Improv Workshop: LEVEL UP 3-Week Intensive
Manhattan, NY, United States
2 h
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January 25th, February 1st and 8th- Wednesday nights from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM For those who have taken at least one three or six week improv class with The Engaging Educator, and want to continue the adventure: We aren’t like the other improv schools – but we know the addictive power of improv. Our Level Ups are meant for anyone who has taken at least one improv class with us, and wants to keep on improv-ing. Please do not register if you are new to EE – we want you to know our style! In Level Up, you will practice and build upon the ideas learned in our intro class. Our focus is always on strengthening communication skills and increasing your brain’s agility, but every Level Up is different! The chemistry and curriculum is based on who is in the room – and what they are personally working on through Improv. One of the great things about Level Up is being in a room full of people who already know the core of the material, and are committed to saying “Yes And” to taking the work to another level. We have students that come once every few months, students who have been practicing with us since we started and students who just graduated from their first EE class. You’ll leave these classes bigger, faster and stronger – think of this as your workout at the brain gym!

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The Engaging Educator
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In 2012, Founder Jen Brown (Oleniczak) was working as a museum educator in NYC and performing Off-Broadway with her improv troupe. When she noticed that the museum education field lacked the ‘how you say it’ component of teaching, she started leading professional development classes in Presentation Skills and threw in a few improv exercises. Realizing that improv connected directly with teaching and communicating, she listed a few public classes in NYC, limiting them to non-actors, specifically educators and teachers. Suddenly, professionals of all kinds were signing up for classes, raving about the results and bringing our improv classroom into their companies for trainings and development. After realizing this was the only class that very strictly did NOT train actors, but focused on the education and reflection side of improv, Jen began The Engaging Educator with a Yes, And and hasn’t looked back since. With the idea that improv is “going to the gym for your brain”, we believe improv is a lifestyle that needs to be practiced consistently and by everyone. Through improv education, professionally, socially and individually – all through the Yes, And. It is not our goal to make actors; our classes are strictly for people looking to work on skills unrelated to performing as a career. We often get asked “What is Yes, And?” Simply put, it’s the idea of elevation – we’re stronger when we surround ourselves by people that lift us up, and people we lift up. Our Yes, And mentality to teaching is not just positivity, it also embodies our idea of positive risk-taking – something we are doing as a company with our students!
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Improv Workshop: LEVEL UP 3-Week Intensive
Hosted by The Engaging Educator .
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