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Learn the Shortcuts to an Eco-Friendly Living

With the climate change and toxins in our tap water dominating the news lately, it’s no surprise that the amount of the “green-living” tips in the media is dow...

Learn the Shortcuts to an Eco-Friendly Living
Brooklyn, NY, United States
2 h
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With the climate change and toxins in our tap water dominating the news lately, it’s no surprise that the amount of the “green-living” tips in the media is downright overwhelming, which can cause even the most well intentioned eco-focused people to clam-up and remain on the sidelines of eco-living. The truth is that some of the eco choices you make won’t have any direct affect on you like choosing to recycle. Other choices, on the other hand, will have direct and in some cases immediate affects on your health and wellbeing, like the personal care products you use. We’ll work together to assess your household, the products you buy, discuss your concerns and come up with a guilt free eco-plan that will be easy to follow and will put you on a greener and healthier path. And no, you don’t have to follow it 100% -- doing something is better than nothing, as long as you know where to look for the information to make an educated decision. I want to normalize the fact that it’s ok to be a moderate environmentalist. Choose one, two or three topics below and we will get you started on your path to Eco-Living. Each topic will take around 1-1.5 hours to cover. • Eco-Living 101: we’ll go over a generic list of tips from water and energy conversation, to keeping the air in your home healthy, to which ingredients to avoid when shopping for food and cosmetics. • Food: we’ll look through your pantry and fridge, discuss your food preferences and talk about what to look for and what to avoid when food shopping. We’ll also discuss best food storage options and, if interested, can touch on omnivore vs vegetarian vs vegan vs local diets. • Personal Care Products: we’ll take a look through your cosmetics, see what can stay, what should be tossed, and go over the ingredients to avoid when buying your cosmetics, as well as healthier options currently on the market. NOTE: Start-time and dates are flexible. Please private message me to request.

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Lifelong moderate environmentalist, I recently went back to to school and got my M.S. in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management. Now I want to spread the word and teach others to become moderate environmentalists. I want to show that doing something small on personal level doesn't have to be scary, expensive or complicated and it does collectively add up to huge benefits to our individual health as well as the health of our planet.
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Learn the Shortcuts to an Eco-Friendly Living
Hosted by Kat Green
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