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In 2006, I sought a change in careers. During an Apprenticeship with a highly successful metal artist, I was inspired to pursue metal art & fabrication. I then took up Welding classes and upon completion, moved to San Francisco. I gained the most extraordinary experiences working in Bay Area creative fabrication shops, building custom decor, furniture, and large scale art pieces for prominent local artists. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and skills with anyone interested. After teaching a few lessons I realized the importance of inspiring youth as well. In 2015, besides hosting one-day classes, I began an Apprentice Program which provides youth an opportunity to learn the metal trades at no cost to them. Currently all proceeds from these Verlocal classes supports that program. So we hope you book a date! Thank you kindly for your interest. Sincerely, ~Day P. Founder of Young Sparks Foundation

What we'll do

This class is for great for Kids (or Parents)! Min age 6 y.o. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to Metal Cutting Fun! In this 2 1/2 hour class, students will learn how to make a couple nifty refrigerator magnets, an ornaments or name plate out of sheet metal. ALL SAFETY GEAR AND SUPPLIES WILL BE PROVIDED! Students will draw a design on paper, transfer to the metal then, using a hand held "plasma" cutter, cut out the design! Simple but really fun! The surface and edges of their cut metalshapes can be left raw or be softened using a sander, grinder, hand files, or other tools. Students will use a 12"x12" square piece of sheet metal. A maximum of 4 pieces can be produced by each student from the given sheet, depending on the size you design them. So, you could make a big sign or name plate or 4 smaller pieces! Students have the choices to glue on a strong magnet, use a wire or nail to hang it or have the instructor weld it to make it stand up. You can make different ones. It's up to you! WHAT IS A "PLASMA" CUTTER? This machine uses electricity to create an positive+negative "arc". Like lightning is shooting out but, air is also pushing out of it and that's how it becomes "Plasma". It's a really cool science-y thing which I can give you more details about when we meet. The machine has a handle shaped like a gun with a trigger button. When you press the button a tiny flame shoots out when it is touched against the metal sheet, it melts the metal and the air coming out pushes away the melted metal leaving a "cut" that you wanted. Sparks will fall down below the metal sheet and are safely captured in a metal box under the cutting table. But SPARKS are exciting! Don't be afraid, the sparks won't get you or hurt you if they do. You will be covered up with special protective clothing. No matter what age, the plasma cutter machine has been every student's favorite machine! Especially the youngest ones! A NEW FUN FAMILY EXPERIENCE! NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NEEDED. INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES ARE WELCOME! (message me to discuss). MINIMUM AGE IS 6 years old. A guardian must be present but, not required to participate. CANCELLATION POLICY: NO REFUNDS. Credit will be granted with advanced notice only. Credit can be transferred as a gift to anyone you choose.



for Family Fun! - MAKE METAL MAGNETS

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