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The Art of Homemade Miso

Oakland, CA , United States

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Yolanda is a mother/wife, entrepreneur and urban farmer. An avid do-it-herselfer, she is at home at her own Oakland homestead where she and her family keep chickens, bees, and learn about permaculture principles on their large urban lot, growing much of their own food. Yolanda is co-founder of Pollinate Farm & Garden, an urban farm store and homesteading emporium located in the heart of Oakland. Pollinate carries edible nursery stock (seeds, starts, fruit trees, and perennial edibles), tools and equipment for seed-to-table organic farming and gardening. Pollinate is also a purveyor of supplies for food preserving, fermentation and cheese making, small scale livestock raising and beekeeping , including baby chicks, ducks, turkeys and bees. Through its educational outreach and local workshops, Pollinate inspires our community toward a healthier and more sustainable food system by bringing it home. Learn more by visiting

What we'll do

Miso, fermented soybean paste, is most often used in Japanese cooking to make miso soup. You can also use miso to season your salad dressing and make delicious marinades. Miso is rich in probiotics, containing millions of beneficial bacteria and is also rich in several of the B-complex vitamins and minerals, including calcium, iron, zinc, copper and magnesium. Learn to make your own miso paste from scratch in this workshop. Sonoko Sakai, author of Rice Craft (Chronicle Books) will show you how to make your own miso at home with fermented rice, non-GMO organic soybeans and sea salt. There will be tastings of homemade miso soup and you will take home 1 lb of young miso to complete the fermentation at home. ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR Sonoko Sakai is a cooking teacher and author of Rice Craft (Chronicle Books) based in Los Angeles. She is the founder of Common Grains, a project dedicated to providing a deeper understanding and appreciation for Japanese food and culture. Her food stories have been featured in Saveur, Lucky Peach, Los Angeles Times, and San Francisco Chronicle.



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    $75 USD

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