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Intro to Metal Sculpture

Be like THOR, the Lord of Thunder and harness the power of lightning! Yes, you too can control the power of arc electricity, direct it, aim it, and melt cold ...

Intro to Metal Sculpture
Oakland, CA, United States
5 h
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Be like THOR, the Lord of Thunder and harness the power of lightning! Yes, you too can control the power of arc electricity, direct it, aim it, and melt cold hardened steel into a wee little puddle. That sounds pretty cool, doesn't it? Well actually... IT IS just as exciting as it sounds! If you are interested in taking on this experience or possibly "gifting" it to someone then, read on to understand what this 5-hour class entails. Students will be briefed on safe behavior in an industrial workspace environment. The instructor will demo proper use of a manual Plasma Cutting Machine. Using the Plasma Cutting Machine, Students can manually cut any design or shapes out of the metal sheet. Shapes which they can either keep as they were cut or include in part of their final project. Next, Instructor will train students on the use of metal shop electrical tools, such as an Angle Grinder, and other sanding machines; these tools are most often used in cleaning and shaping metal for fabrication and sculptures. Students will closely watch the Instructor demonstrate welding then, under the Instructor's guidance, each Student will practice welding themselves. Using their new skills, each Student will then build a small project from a selection of scrap metal, or using a metal piece they cut out themselves. Upon completion, Students will take home a fabulous art project!** ALL SAFETY GEAR AND SUPPLIES WILL BE PROVIDED HOWEVER, you must wear heavy cotton or denim pants, cotton long sleeved shirt, Leather or canvas closed-toed shoes, with ankles covered. Long hair should be braided or in a pony-tail. PLEASE, DO NOT WEAR POLYESTER OR SYNTHETIC CLOTHING. ALSO, WEAR CONTACT LENS IF YOU HAVE THEM. Prepare to get dirty but, most of all, to have fun! NOTE: A waiver must be signed prior to participation. Email or text me if you have any questions. ADDITIONAL NOTE: On rare occasions, a sculpture project may end up requiring more time than can be completed within the 6 hour max. I offer additional class visits at the rate of $75 per session (5 more hours). If you're one not to rush or you already have in mind something unique that you'd like to build, I will make an exception and permit you (as a beginner) to sign up for the "Intermediate Level" class @3 visits to ensure your desired piece will get finished. CANCELLATION POLICY: For Refunds, a request to cancel must occur 24 hours prior to scheduled class date otherwise, a "Credit" toward a future class date will be granted.

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Twelve years ago I sought a change in careers. I found inspiration as an Apprentice for a highly successful metal artist. I took Welding classes then, immediately moved to SF. I gained the most extraordinary experiences working in Bay Area creative fabrication shops, built custom decor, furniture, and large scale art pieces by prominent artists such as Anish Kapoor (who designed Cloud Gate). Since 2007, I've worked on many other large scale project at American Steel Studios in Oakland with metal sculptor, Karen Cusolito and, with the Flaming Lotus Girls artist collective of San Francisco, since 2008. While volunteering on the Flaming Lotus Girls projects I enjoyed sharing my knowledge as a metal artist. This inspired me to share it with other adults outside the artist community and launch an Apprentice Program for local Teens, as well. It's important that all my new students know that these weekend workshops provide funding for an Apprentice Program I recently launched called the Young Sparks Foundation. So thank you for choosing this class and supporting local youth! ~Day
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Intro to Metal Sculpture
Hosted by Day Pollini
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