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Easy Metal Sculpture

Oakland, CA , United States

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In 2006, I sought a change in careers. During an Apprenticeship with a highly successful metal artist, I was inspired to pursue metal art & fabrication. I then took up Welding classes and upon completion, moved to San Francisco. I gained the most extraordinary experiences working in Bay Area creative fabrication shops, building custom decor, furniture, and large scale art pieces for prominent local artists. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and skills with anyone interested. After teaching a few lessons I realized the importance of inspiring youth as well. In 2015, besides hosting one-day classes, I began an Apprentice Program which provides youth an opportunity to learn the metal trades at no cost to them. Currently all proceeds from these Verlocal classes supports that program. So we hope you book a date! Thank you kindly for your interest. Sincerely, ~Day P. Founder/Director of Young Sparks Foundation

What we'll do

Knowing how to weld is like having the having a super power! Just like "THOR", you will harness the power of lightning at your finger tips to create anything you want (out of metal)! Oh, and it's way easier to learn than you probably imagined. I mean, if my 10 year old daughter can do it, anyone can! During this one day class, students will learn basic metal working skills (including how to weld) then build a small one-of-a-kind sculpture project to take home. DETAILS: Students will be briefed on safety. The instructor will demo use of a manually operated "Plasma" machine which cuts metal like butter. Instructor will then train students on the use of electric grinding and sanding tools. Instructor will demonstrate welding then, with close guidance each Student will get to "mig" weld. Student will then design & build a small project from a selection of scrap metal, and/or using a metal pieces they cut out. Review the gallery of photos for project ideas and happy students! ALL SAFETY GEAR AND SUPPLIES WILL BE PROVIDED TO EACH STUDENT. However, PLEASE wear heavy cotton pants or "jeans", any cotton long sleeved shirt or hoody, leather or canvas closed-toed shoes or boots. Long hair should be braided or in a pony-tail. If you have eye contacts, wear them instead of your glasses. NO ONE has ever been hurt during this class! Despite that, a waiver must be signed prior in order to participate. --------- CANCELLATION POLICY: For Refunds, a request to cancel must occur 24 hours prior to scheduled class date otherwise, a "Credit" toward a future date will be granted or it can be gifted. Message or text me if you have any questions. I look forward to teaching you! Sincerely, ~Day P Young Sparks Foundation NOTICE ~ If one of your guests is under 19 years old then, please let me know. I offer a reduced price for youth.



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