Outdoor Rock Climbing 101 in Oregon!

Portland, OR , United States

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Kaf – (pronounced like cough) – is an old mystical Hebrew word meaning ‘the power to actualize potential.’ The Hebrew legend goes that Kaf is a sacred mythological mountain that surrounds the world and bounds the horizon. This mountain rests upon the emerald stone of sakhrat, which emanates miraculous power; together, their reflection makes the sky blue. Kaf Adventures is dedicated to self-discovery, wilderness skill education and leadership development through outdoor recreation, adventure travel, and wilderness exploration. We always strive to maintain an awareness of our impact on the natural environment and of different cultures we visit. Kaf Adventures arose out of the outdoor passions of owner and operator, Mick Pearson. Mick began studying outdoor recreation in 1997, and felt the value of experiential education while spending time with others in wild places. These experiences and interactions impacted his life, created a place for self-discovery, and gave him an appreciation for the natural world. Thus Kaf Adventures was born out of his experiences and has shared a parallel process with Mick’s journeys. What makes Kaf, Kaf? You, me and the places we go together! Kaf is all about community. Students do not just zoom in and out of our classes; they become members of the Kaf community. Though our adventures in nature, our community members form unique bonds with each other that continue to grow once back in the city. The 3 segments of Kaf: Outdoor Exploration, Adventure Travel, and Team Development. Within each segment you will find a place to learn, experience and reflect upon your daily existence.

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This one day beginner rock climbing course will be jammed packed full of fun, instruction and climbing! Objectives During this fundamental rock climbing course, you will build a foundation of important techniques and skills… while enjoying a day outdoors! Our professional instructors will begin by teaching you basic belaying techniques and climbing movement, then progress into more technical climbing skills such as anchor construction and knots. This class will set you up with the skills necessary to move into our Rope Handling Clinic or Intro to Lead Climbing Indoors, or it can stand alone as an amazing experience out with your friends and family. We strive to build your skills in a safe and supportive environment, no matter your skill level or ultimate outcome. Rock Climbing 101 curriculum includes: Basic climbing knots Introduction to climbing gear Belay and lead belay technique Climbing commands Climbing LNT/Ethics Climbing movement Climbing technique Basic anchor construction (natural) Guide books and ratings As well as a lot of climbing! Each participant will climb 3-6 routes each! Locations Varies based on weather and group desires. Potential locations: Vantage Mt. Erie Smith Rocks, OR Index Broughton Bluff, OR. Prerequisites No previous climbing experience needed. Equipment Kaf will provide all necessary climbing equipment for the day. You will receive a full packing list upon registration, but feel free to contact Kaf Adventures with any gear specifics questions you have. Included in trip cost Professional instruction from full-time rock climbing instructors at a 5:1 student/guide ratio Passes and permits All climbing gear is included in our Rock 101 (Shoes, harnesses, helmets, all climbing ropes and carabiners) Light snack. Please bring your own lunch, water and small backpack to carry your equipment. Don’t forget your camera!! NOT included in trip cost Transportation (carpool options available) Lunches and water Parking permits: Most of our rock sites do not require a parking permit and we will notify you if this is necessary. WA state Discover passes are $10/day/car or $30 annual. Guide gratuity: If you enjoyed your day, and think the guide did an exceptional job it is customary to tip ~10%. Personal Backpack: Please bring a school-bag sized backpack to carry your personal clothing and climbing equipment. Personal clothing: You need to be prepared for the weather! We will be outside and PNW weather can be variable, as a result please bring plenty of clothes to stay warm and dry for 4 hours outside, we will not be under cover or near shelter. Rentals are available at a reasonable cost. Kaf Adventures had done it’s very best to create a rental program affordable to your needs. Transportation We recognize that transportation can be tricky. Once registered, Kaf will provide information regarding meeting times, locations and any required parking permits. If interested in carpooling, we will orchestrate a meeting place between participants. Next Steps Once you’ve learned the basics, take the next step in your rock climbing journey and join Kaf for our Rope Handling Clinic, Intro to Lead Climbing Indoors, or our Open Climb.



for Outdoor Rock Climbing 101 in Oregon!

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    $138.91 USD

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