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Draw on your Inner Artist

Philadelphia, PA , United States

About Your Host

“A work that aspires, however humbly, to the condition of art should carry its justification in every line” -Conrad, Joseph Self-trained professional variant artiste: Endowed with the passion of artistic creation; art is as innate in me, as breathing. Since able to hold a pencil, I have been immersed in and consumed with a driven passion for storytelling using beyond dream-like reconstruction of all that is around me. Bestowed with a concentrated curiosity, I have acquired an extensive array of techniques and applications. In my essence art is ubiquitous. It is quite natural to have adapted these appendages to a highly refined professional altitude of attitude.

What we'll do

Join me in a cozy group of creative hearts, to expand your drawing talent. Even fresh beginners have an inner artist; as every child does. This class offers a fun and simple hands-on demonstration to draw faces and figures a breeze. The class is located In a public, comfortable library setting: The Joseph E. Coleman Northwest Regional Library right on 68 W Chelten Ave, Philadelphia. We'll be working with drawing paper and a few basic assorted pencil mediums; all are provided for you.



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    $5 USD

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    $5 USD

    per person