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Fitness Roulette- 6 workouts in 1 session

Phoenix, AZ , United States

About Your Host

I graduated from Kansas City Art Institute in May 2015. I do paintings and sculptures. I also do installations, poetry, a little bit of audio/music, and a little bit of media. My art focuses on psychological matters in a therapeutic way. I do consider art to be therapeutic and am on my way to get my masters in Art Therapy. I have learned the foundations of art and will help guide anyone who is interested in art. If you are new and want to learn art, then I can help you. I've had experience working with people who were new. Here are some links to see some of my art. (click next to see more)

What we'll do

Feel the burn with six different workouts over the course of three hours. Each more challenging in than the last. I will break you down, then build you back up, only to break you back down again! Wake up and earn your weekend by surviving a spin of the roulette. Here what's locked and loaded: PILATES - Strengthen that core and open your mind while you're lulled into a false sense of comfortability about your decision to show up P90X - You've seen it on TV and you pretend to do it in the gym. Do it for real and remember you signed up for this on your own free will LEE MILLS COMBAT - Punch, kick and fight away the stress of the workweek. Just try not to think about that one co-worker that annoys !!!! INSANITY - Sprint faster, push harder & let's pour some gasoline on that fire in your belly! Yoga - I will help you find your center while you question your life decisions that have led you to this point in life. ?????- It wouldn't be fun if you knew everything you'd be doing, right? Don't worry if you're not laughing, I will do it for you.



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    $20 USD

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