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Plates,platters,saucers 'The Workshop'

Los Angeles, CA , United States
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I am a California native, mixed media artist and designer. In 2015 i opened my studio.I work, play and teach from this zen space located on Beverly blvd in Korea Town. Clay has been one my main mediums.It is my daily practice! Hand Of Destiny has become the platform from which I can connect, share, and teach ceramics as well as mixed media arts. Having a place where I can practice and share all the things I love is a dream in progress. I am thrilled to share my unique handmade ceramics and my carefree life style adornments with Interior Designers and the public. My deep love of the arts and the processes it takes people through is one of many reasons I open this studio to the public during scheduled hours . It is my aim to provide a space where people can find expression , release and perhaps even a little balance. I am enjoying the people and moments created in the studio! Remember to check out my FB Hand Of Destiny Pottery page.

What we'll do

In this four week workshop. Our focus is plates Small. Medium, Large & all the sizes in-between.. participants will be introduced to the basics of wheel throwing with a focus on working a disc wide mound. We will be Exploring the different tools used for opening up to a will also explore the slab roller for draping clay over blanks.Finishing out the workshop with a glaze session. all clay, tools & glaze are included. extra studio is included..



for Plates,platters,saucers 'The Workshop'

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