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Make a Bonsai Terrarium! (old listing)

Renton, WA , United States

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We are Urban Sprouts, a shop focused on urban gardening and DIY crafts. We specialize in providing supplies, classes, and continuous support to help you make small changes towards a more fun, mindful, and engaged urban lifestyle. We believe in the power of being surrounded by greenery and handmade items. ‚Äč Instead of buying a bar of soap get some friends together, join one of our classes, and make a batch. Bring plants into your home to clean your air, de-stress, and even make you feel happier. Start an herb garden in your kitchen, learn to cook some exciting food, make a terrarium for your office, or brew some ginger beer. We are continuously expanding our knowledge base, supplies, hands-on classes and resources to support you in bringing a little more fun, satisfaction, health, and sustainability into daily life. We also host a variety of great classes and events in our space with topics, including terrariums and succulent frames. We want to create fun, creative, and social experiences for people while being surrounded by beautiful plants!

What we'll do

Join us for our build your own bonsai terrarium workshop! In this fun hands on class we will cover the logistics, proper set up and care of a succulent or herb bonsai tree in your very own hanging or desktop terrarium! We have a variety of great plants, seeds, mosses, succulents, stones and decorations to choose from for your creation! The class instruction is just $10! The remaining 20 goes towards plants and supplies used to make your terrarium! If you go over $20 just pay the difference at the end of class. Projects can be made at a wide range of price points from $30 - $150 (you decide how much you spend - perfect for any budget!) After class is over we are available to help you maintain and care for your bonsai and terrarium at any time, our resources and guidance are free! Hope to see you there! Also check out all of our other great classes by clicking on our profile!



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