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Baking: Artisan Breads!

Tenafly, NJ , United States

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Are you ready to revolutionize your diet with delicious, home-cooked meals made by YOU? At Shepsmeri Kitchen, now you can! Whether you’re a novice who can’t seem to boil water or an experienced chef who could spend all day in the kitchen, we believe you can make ANY meal into an extraordinary experience. We offer a variety of seasonal and specialty classes designed to excite your taste buds through a variety of ripe and flavorful foods that are perfect for each time of year. We have courses to suit your every need. By the time you’re done, you’ll find yourself making at-home recipes with ease and WOW-ing your friends and loved ones with your increased culinary skills!

What we'll do

Menu: Rustic Ciabatta Classic French Baguette Focaccia Bread Our cooking classes are for the culinary enthusiasts willing to turn their kitchen into a laboratory of discovery and creativity. Our classes are geared for newbies all the way up to experienced cooks looking to learn new tips and tricks of the trade. Students get to meet diverse people, enjoy an intimate atmosphere and realize their hidden culinary talents. Menus are designed with sophistication, techniques, and taste to create restaurant-quality meals that are easily replicable at home. We use seasonal and local products for our winter, spring, summer, and fall classes theme.



for Baking: Artisan Breads!

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    $65 USD

    per person

    $65 USD

    per person