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Kombucha & Kvass! Learn to Ferment Your Own Probiotic Beverages

San Francisco, CA , United States

About Your Host

I grew up in rural Kansas, where food preservation traditions were strong. Both of my grandmas taught me how to make jams, pickles, sauces--and how to preserve them all for a well-stocked cellar. I always loved the process of starting a recipe from scratch and seeing it through to a beautiful jar sitting in the pantry. After years of working in women's human rights non-profits, I decided to make a career change and came full circle back to my love of food preservation. I founded McVicker Pickles in 2013, where I make and sell pickles, mustards and other preserved goods. I love sharing my passion for food preservation with other people. Seeing people get excited about their first jar of sauerkraut, or hearing from someone who caught the 'canning bug' and began making jams for all their holiday gifts is what I love most about this job! I am certified as a Master Food Preserver in San Francisco County.

What we'll do

Join Kelly McVicker, Master Food Preserver & founder of San Francisco’s McVicker Pickles, as she teaches you how to make your own Kombucha & Beet Kvass. These tart and tangy concoctions are full of healthy bacteria that's good for your gut! We'll begin the class with a tasting of different kombucha and kvass flavors to get you inspired for making your own batch. While we work, Kelly will talk about the history of fermentation and the health benefits fermented foods, and why doing it at home is better than buying commercially made (and often pasteurized) products. Each participant will take home a jar of each recipe, along with a kombucha SCOBY to keep the process going. You can take home your custom creations, keep an eye on your ’edible pets,’ and enjoy the flavor in a few days. This class includes: -1 SCOBY for continued kombucha making -All jars, supplies & ingredients used during class -Tasting of kombucha and other probiotic beverages -Take home recipes and access to more recipes online Additional (optional) fermentation supplies will be available for purchase during class.



for Kombucha & Kvass! Learn to Ferment Your Own Probiotic Beverages

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    $65 USD

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    $65 USD

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