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PRIVATE Date Night: Beginner Glass Blowing- Drinking glasses, Terrariums, Ornaments

Alameda, CA , United States
3 h

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I am a professional glass maker and have been working with glass since 2003 and full time professionally since 2006. I have extensive experience guiding glassblowing classes for beginners and intermediate level participants. You can take a look at my resume on my website or on Facebook. Since 2013 Jason teaches glassblowing classes to individuals as well as groups, having lead one-off team building glassmaking workshops as well as coaching longterm private students to achieve their glassmaking goals. In a single class with Jason you can create drinking cups, ornaments or cereal-dessert bowls; you can choose at the beginning of the class which you would like to create and Jason will assist you to fulfill your ambitions. The classes / workshops are suitable for anybody. You do not need to be very strong or possess any special skills before you come to the session. The youngest participants Jason regularly works with are 14 years old and require a parent to drop them off and give permission by signing a waiver. Boys and girls are equally welcome. There is no upper age limit! The class Twice the hands on time of any other Bay Area Glassmaking Class make Jasn's the best value classes available! Jason's website is now updated! come join him on Facebook to see class photos, glass in the making and VERLOCAL promotion reminders, too!

What we'll do

THIS IS A PRIVATE COUPLE CLASS! The class will be conducted exclusively for you and your partner only! Please note that by purchasing 1 session, you are purchasing admission for TWO guests! In Depth Beginners Glassblowing. Even more hands-on Experience than in the larger class. Give Glass Blowing Classes as Amazing Gifts - or create gifts from glass. Make your own Mojito or Long Island Tea Glass for summer ! Create hanging Terrariums from glass to fill at home with little plants. At this glassblowing workshop you will have the opportunity to have 2-3 times as much hands-on time with the glass as at other classes that we know of. This means more fun & getting more of a feeling what working with glass is really like. There will be the opportunity to make a second piece of glass for which there is not always the time in the bigger group. Learn how to work in a team of two, supporting each other creating glass just like we do every day in the glassblowing studio! Learn about the terminology used in glassmaking and discover a new passion! Included in the experience pricing are: the studio rental, glassblowing instruction by a fantastic glassmaker: Jason Stropko, with a lot of teaching experience and lots of skills to share, also included are the clear glass and a lovely selection of coloured glass to design your projects with. Please wear close toe shoes, tie back any long hair, wear cotton clothing (jeans and sweatshirt are fine). Safety goggles will be provided. This is a hands on class but you only do as much as you are comfortable with. Jason will help you complete 2 glass objects EACH to take home! Suitable for young and old, parents are most welcome to bring their children from age 8 and up. Please contact us if your child is younger and we will try and be accommodating. Can't wait to see you in the studio! P.s. repeat students get a discount from us, contact us prior to booking! Leaving a feedback will also give you a discount to use in the future (transferable to your friends even!) So leave a feedback and return for more! Class suitable for beginners and improvers. If you are a returning student then this second time round you will get even more opportunity for hands-on experience as you'll already have had the introduction! --------------------- Important notice: Cancellation Policy While we try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible : Cancellations or date change requests are best made at least a week prior to your booking. This is because it is often not possible to fill a class cancelled on shorter notice than that and Jason enters a rental agreement with the glassblowing studio when he accepts your booking. As such, guests must cancel 7 days prior to the date of the experience, whether to cancel attendance completely or to move dates. By purchasing, you will be agreeing to this policy. Thank you! Last but not least: all glass create by you has to be collected within a month. If you can not collect it in this time frame you have the option of paying for shipping & handling and we will pop it into the post. If you can not collect, and do not wish to pay for shipping we can not guarantee that the work can be held for you beyond a month.



for PRIVATE Date Night: Beginner Glass Blowing- Drinking glasses, Terrariums, Ornaments

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