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Cooking with Cannabis 3; Lotions and Potions

Seattle, WA , United States

About Your Host

Oral adventures – food and words – that’s me. I’ve spent most of my adult life talking, selling, cooking, and eating, thus….. oral adventures! I’ve put my years of radio, TV, film, and kitchen expertise in one place to share with you. As a kid growing up in Seattle food to me was the most exciting fun thing ever, and my mom’s blackberry pie, fresh salmon, corn from the garden, or whatever my dad shot in the woods cemented that feeling. Good food was the one thing in our lives that was dependable and could always improve a situation. So there’s always been great food in my life, and parties, and more food, and wine……you get the idea. I was in sales for a few years before I was introduced to radio in the mid-80’s, and after about a week on the mike I realized I had found my second love. I’d always enjoyed acting and performing, but radio – theater of the mind! Word pictures! Seat of your pants! I love it and have been lucky to do morning radio for many, many years. Along the way there’ve been stars and assholes, crazy people and weird bosses, friends for life and people I’ll never see again. Now I do some radio, some acting, a little voice work, and get to teach people how to cook. I love helping people master this most elemental life skill, and now am teaching classes on cooking with medical marijuana as well. So check out, cook a couple recipes, maybe see what’s going on at my Facebook page, but mostly, enjoy the journey and many, many thanks

What we'll do

In this class you'll learn about the cannabis plant and how it works, then incorporate that magic into lotions, balms, and so much more! You can achieve less pain and greater health using this medicinal plant, and using it topically can be healing, holistic, and economical. Due to WA state law we can only use high CBD hemp in class, but this can be a wonderful addition to your skincare. Class includes lunch, recipes, and many fizzy drinks!



for Cooking with Cannabis 3; Lotions and Potions

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    $125 USD

    per person


    $125 USD

    per person