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Introduction to Letterpress Printing

Seattle, WA , United States

About Your Host

Mandolin Brassaw taught literature at the college level for more than ten years, all the while cultivating a love of letterpress printing and bookbinding on the sly. Grapheme (now Mandolin's full-time endeavor) was established as a letterpress studio in 2014 and opened its retail doors in 2015. She still loves the life of the mind—and the written word—but is championing it in a new context. Her intention with Grapheme is to encourage others towards greater creativity, purposefulness, and a love of learning.

What we'll do

In our 3-hour workshop, you'll learn how to use a large Vandercook proof press (15" x 18"), one of the most user-friendly presses to learn on. Class will cover how to hand set type--with both lead, ornamental, and antique wood type to experiment with--as well as how to use polymer plates attached to a base. No printmaking experience necessary. Private letterpress classes are also available, either for individuals or small groups. Leave me a private message for pricing and to set up an appointment that works for your schedule. With love, Mandolin



for Introduction to Letterpress Printing

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    $90 USD

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    $90 USD

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