Rope Handling Clinic for Beginner Rock Climbers!

Seattle, WA , United States

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Kaf – (pronounced like cough) – is an old mystical Hebrew word meaning ‘the power to actualize potential.’ The Hebrew legend goes that Kaf is a sacred mythological mountain that surrounds the world and bounds the horizon. This mountain rests upon the emerald stone of sakhrat, which emanates miraculous power; together, their reflection makes the sky blue. Kaf Adventures is dedicated to self-discovery, wilderness skill education and leadership development through outdoor recreation, adventure travel, and wilderness exploration. We always strive to maintain an awareness of our impact on the natural environment and of different cultures we visit. Kaf Adventures arose out of the outdoor passions of owner and operator, Mick Pearson. Mick began studying outdoor recreation in 1997, and felt the value of experiential education while spending time with others in wild places. These experiences and interactions impacted his life, created a place for self-discovery, and gave him an appreciation for the natural world. Thus Kaf Adventures was born out of his experiences and has shared a parallel process with Mick’s journeys. What makes Kaf, Kaf? You, me and the places we go together! Kaf is all about community. Students do not just zoom in and out of our classes; they become members of the Kaf community. Though our adventures in nature, our community members form unique bonds with each other that continue to grow once back in the city. The 3 segments of Kaf: Outdoor Exploration, Adventure Travel, and Team Development. Within each segment you will find a place to learn, experience and reflect upon your daily existence.

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This course is a must for all beginner rock climbers! During Kaf’s Rope Handling Clinic you will be taught equipment fundamentals by Seattle’s most experienced instructors. If you want to climb with confidence, develop proper rope handling skills and learn proper uses of equipment, this course is imperative to your rock climbing training. During two 2.5 hour climbing lessons, you will develop a strong foundation of knowledge to continue building upon in all future climbing courses. You will learn about knots used in climbing, hitches, equipment selection, ropes, and hardware. You will also practice coiling ropes and learn different ways to manage your climbing gear. In addition, anchoring will be discussed and practiced, along with belay uses with different devices and rope ascension. Climbing gear is expensive! We know! In this course you will learn exactly what you need to purchase after this course, and not spend any money on unneeded equipment. With one wise purchase, this course will pay for itself! After your lessons on knots and equipment use in climbing, you will walk away with confidence, knowing when to choose a knot, how to apply it, and how to use equipment for various applications. Take the time now to develop these skills today, and you will be a strong climber tomorrow. Class Details This is a 2 part clinic. Each class runs from 6:30pm-9:30pm and are held on weekday evenings. Part 1 is a prerequisite for part 2. Please be sure you are registering for the correct clinic. Prerequisites None, come as you are! Equipment A minimum 18ft. piece of 7mm cordelette (Can be purchased from Kaf Adventures) All of your climbing gear! (We will provide any gear that you do not already have) Harness, carabiners, belay device, webbing, etc… Included in course cost Professional instruction and all necessary equipment. NOT included in course cost Transportation and 18ft. piece of 7mm cordelette. Transportation Participants are responsible to get to the Adventure Hub/Kaf Adventures headquarters.



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    $54 USD

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