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130 watt CO2 laser operator certification. Get certified and use our laser!

Seattle, WA , United States

About Your Host

I've been a Maker since a very young age. I got interested in lasers in the early 80's for rock and roll shows. in 1987 I was instrumental in the design of the first low cost commercial sign cutter by IOLINE Corp. Later a laser sign cutter I conceptualized was manufactured by EdgeWise Tools, Inc. I then moved on to doing some of the solids modeling of a new CO2 laser galvo moter driven industrial marking system for SYNRAD Corp. I am now at the Sodo Makerspace still making things and teaching laser certifications and Life Casting.

What we'll do

My name is Mike Momany. I have been working with lasers for the past 20 years. I teach laser certifications on the 130 watt CO2 laser cutter at Sodo Makerspace. You can then come in and do your own cutting projects on our laser. Sodo Makerspace is an open community FabLab. Once certified you can book time for your laser projects at 1/2 the rate of what I would charge to do it for you. There are no membership fees at Sodo Makerspace. We have many other tools you might need to complete your project. Pictures below depict a 10 ft x 14ft Banyan Tree I cut out for the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle and a small 3 inch diameter birthday medallion that was bitmap etched. You'll learn these techniques and more at my certifications.



for 130 watt CO2 laser operator certification. Get certified and use our laser!

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