Stand Up Paddleboard Fun!

Seattle, WA , United States

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Washington Surf Academy is partnered with Surf Ballard, and located just steps away from the waters of Shilshole. We make getting on the water as effortless as possible — no matter what your level of expertise. With decades of surfing experience under our belts, we know how to deliver an adventure that is safe, informative and fun. Whether you want to ride waves on the coast, paddle board around the bay after a long day at work or plan a surf trip abroad, we’re more than happy to help show you what you need to know.

What we'll do

Come join us for some fun in the sun! Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great way to get outside and enjoy a great day with great people. Our two-hour excursion will give you the basic guidance you need to safely SUP. We’ll show you how to: Properly stand on your board Place your feet for optimal stability Perform basic paddle strokes to control the direction of your board You’ll also learn the basics about currents, wind and safety, along with a little local history and suggestions for local paddle boarding spots. Since 95% of the instruction is held on the water, you’ll have plenty of time to get comfortable on your board and practice your technique. Aside from learning SUP basics, our excursions also give you the chance to enjoy your natural surroundings in a new way. The bay is teeming with marine life not always visible from the shore. It’s not uncommon to see Bald Eagles circling above, harbor seals, jumping salmon, and handfuls of starfish. We’ve even had gray whale and octopus sightings. Our SUP excursions book up fast during peak season (May-October), so it’s best to schedule as soon as you can. It is imperative that you arrive for your class on time. Once we’ve headed out for a lesson, we can’t leave a group unattended on the beach or in the water in order to help late arrivals get suited up and matched with a proper board. If you are more than 5 to 10 minutes late, you will be unable to join the lesson.



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    $80.5 USD

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