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Shape It Up - Visual Creativity Workshop

Are you walking through life with a bit of tunnel vision? Do you feel "stuck" in the way you are seeing life? Are you a photographer or artist who wants a crea...

Shape It Up - Visual Creativity Workshop
Seattle, WA, United States
4 h
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2 - 100 Guest(s)

Are you walking through life with a bit of tunnel vision? Do you feel "stuck" in the way you are seeing life? Are you a photographer or artist who wants a creative workout to increase your presence or find different ways of "seeing" the images around you? In this 3 hour workshop we will take a visual journey (and wandering walk), a scavenger hunt if you will, to find hidden shapes...real or abstract. It will challenge your ability to look differently at the world around you and seek details...or what's been staring at you all along if you had taken the time to notice. As a creativity coach, I know the value of becoming more present in our lives and of "looking creatively" at the world around us in physical terms to train our brains to do it more intuitively as we work through problems and questions in work and life. You don't need to be a photographer or have professional photo equipment for this workshop. A smartphone or point and shoot camera are acceptable. This isn't about HOW you shoot, it's about WHAT you see and HOW you express it. We will "wander" and shoot for about 3 hours. Specific shapes will be provided at times, other times will be "free form" shape seeking. For the last hour, we will sit together in an open space or nearby cafe/coffee shop and discuss what we saw, how we felt, and we'll determine your comfort and attraction with certain shapes and what that says about your personal energy type. It's always a fascinating discovery!

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I am an art photographer, creative consultant and coach (mostly for "non-creatives") with 10+ year professional career in crisis management. My photography is inspired by colors, shapes and textures and I have a very unique style and voice when it comes to my artistic images. I enjoy sharing my creative energy with others and helping photographers and other creatives get outside the box and find a new voice. I developed and have facilitated creative Doodle workshops and coaching sessions for over 5 years. Using simple Doodles and a special "soul drawing" technique, I take the pressure of "art" off attendees and help build creative confidence, mindfulness and creative thinking skills while also exploring a unique self-discovery process through fun and non-threatening coloring techniques. Did you know that your default Doodle shapes relate to your personality, actions and how you show up in the world? Did you know your favorite colors speak to your strengths...your least favorite opportunities for growth? You can gain insight to this and more through simply coloring on a page. And even more, you can use unfamiliar shapes and colors for intentional personal growth. I have a strong connection with color, chakras, and energy work and you can find it infused in all of my creative outlets. Book a session today and start using color and creativity to expand in your life.
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Shape It Up - Visual Creativity Workshop
Hosted by Melissa McClain
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