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Secrets to Connecting & Influencing An Audience

To succeed & influence others, we must know how to connect with people. This workshop will teach you secrets of connection & influence to enhance your communi...

Secrets to Connecting & Influencing An Audience
Oakland, CA, United States
3 h
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1 - 100 Guest(s)
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To succeed & influence others, we must know how to connect with people. This workshop will teach you secrets of connection & influence to enhance your communication & public speaking skills. >> BENEFITS * Learn 5 techniques that can take your everyday conversations and presentations to the next level * Learn how to feel authentic when you speak * Learn how to capture people's interest * Network and build relationships with other professionals like yourself. >> WHO IS IT FOR * You are a professional who needs to or wants to leverage public speaking to advance your career. * You want to make more income in your career or business by giving stronger presentations * You want to eliminate your fears around public speaking * You want to speak with confidence, ease and clarity * You want to speak so that people pay attention when you talk If you're not at the level you want to be when it comes to delivering great presentations AND you can benefit from generating more income for your business or you want a promotion, then I strongly encourage you to attend this workshop! The actions you take today will set you up for success tomorrow. >> HOW IT WORKS This will be a Fast-pace, intensive three hour training – you’ll walk away with more clarity, excitement and insights around public speaking. This training has helped hundreds of individuals excel in their business and careers in top organizations around the US. >> SEE WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT THE SPEAKING SHIFT INSTITUTE "The Delivery & Presence Workshop presented by Travia Fitzpatrick was the most effective workshop I've attended on speaking and communicating. As a Brand & Marketing Consultant for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses, having this skill is critical for my business, as communicating is at the core of what I do, to work with my clients, present proposals, speak at events and on radio/podcast interviews, and generally to run a successful practice. Communication is one of those skills that always needs to be worked on, and this workshop gave me highly-effective tools to add to my communications toolbox." -Nicole K. Lundy "Travia is a fantastic workshop leader who provides you with a strong foundation for understanding how to become a powerful, engaging speaker. Her dedication to your success shines through working one-on-one as well! She has a talent for being an insightful and keen observer, who can uncover what internal barriers are preventing you from being successful and reaching your potential. I attended Travia's workshops to strengthen my public speaking, but knew I needed more tailored coaching when an interview opportunity arose. I'm excited to say that after working closely with Travia, I interviewed and was offered the position! I attribute my success to Travia's support, insight, and invaluable feedback. Whether you want to become an overall stronger communicator or take your career to the next level, I highly recommend connecting with Travia!" – Erin Connolly “Working with Travia was like a breath of fresh air! She’s super-passionate, patient, and committed to helping her clients master the art of public speaking. When we first started working together, I was all over the place with my story and didn’t know how to piece it together for continuity and messaging. Travia taught me her signature system for crafting a compelling story, and I immediately gained confidence in my ability to connect with my audience. I encourage you to work with Travia if you have a desire to speak and share your story. She’ll help you package and deliver your message with confidence and clarity.” – Erica Gordan “After speaking upfront for many years, I thought I might not need further development as a speaker. Was I wrong! As Travia & I dug deep, we discovered that I had insecurities that were hindering my true self from coming out. Accepting who I am at the end of the day was key to me moving forward in my public speaking. Travia guided me through uncovering my blocks and helping me pinpoint my ultimate desires for where I wanted to go as a speaker.” – Maurine Bekaert “Travia is more than a speaking coach. She is a leader who is passionate about transforming the public presence and voice of others. She has helped me with both the technical aspects of public speaking as well as the mindset shift needed to remove the internal doubts and barriers that stand in the way. I highly recommend her.” – Bilen Mesfin "My name is Rahiem Jamal Allen I am an author of my first book "From the Streets to the Sanctuary", I had the opportunity to work with various people to assist me in my pursuit of doing what I love and that is to share my story through verbal communication. I struggled with finding a plan to be able to effectively share with the world all of the lessons I learned growing up in the inner city. Travia not only helped me plan out my speeches, she also helped me communicate better with my wife. Travia is a gem and she is worth her suggested fee. Your life will be enriched and your ability to use your words to tell the world of the riches locked in you. Travia is a masterful coach. I look forward to working with her in the future." - Rahiem Jamal Allen

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Hi my name is Travia FitzPatrick! I'm a public speaking trainer & coach and I help professionals communicate confidently & overcome fears & frustrations around public speaking. Travia FitzPatrick, MBA, CPC. Public Speaking Expert, Trainer and Coach
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Secrets to Connecting & Influencing An Audience
Hosted by Travia FitzPatrick
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