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Learn to Blow Glass with Jason - Professional Glass Maker (2 - 4 participants)

Alameda, CA , United States

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EDITED BRUTALLY SHORTER: “I am a professional glass maker and have worked with glass professionally since 2006. I have extensive experience guiding glassblowing classes, welcoming individual participants as well as groups. I create unique and personalized glass events. Having organized and lead one-off team building glassmaking workshops as well as coaching longterm private students to achieve their glassmaking goals I bring a wide range of experiences & people’s skills to my classes. Twice the hands-on time of any other Bay Area Glassmaking Class & my advanced glassmaking skills combined, make these classes the best value glassmaking experiences available! You can take a look at my resume on my website, Facebook and Instagram where you can also see what past students created and what projects I am currently working on! “ Education: BA in Glass, Glasswork & study experiences in Venice Murano (Italy), Corning & Pilchuck. Recent Artist in Residence in the UK, Visiting glassmaker in Bangkok. <>•<>•<> In a single class with me, Jason, you can create drinking cups, ornaments, cereal-dessert bowls, and sometimes water carafes; you can choose at the beginning of the class which you would like to create and I will assist you to fulfill your ambitions. The classes/workshops are suitable for anybody, there is NO upper age limit! You do not need to be very strong or possess any special skills before you come to a session with me.

What we'll do

Create Beautiful blown Glass objects: drinking glasses, Candle Votives, ornaments.. Less students & Twice the hands on time of any other Bay Area Glass Class with Jason! Jason Stropko leads a friendly and welcoming glassblowing class for beginners. Each participant will make the ornament, candle votive or drinking glass of their choice. Sessions last about 3 hours in which time 2 - 4 participants can create their own drinking glasses or ornaments to take home. Everybody gets their turn at making and learning to assist each other in the process. There is an opportunity to have a lot of hands on experience and really get a feeling for the medium. Learn about the terminology, what each of the key glassmaking tools are used for, how hot the glass in the furnace is when we are working with it and what the glory hole is for. What is a blowpipe (you can guess) and what is a punty? (Glass needs to cool down in the annealer overnight and can be collected in the days following the workshop - another opportunity to see what goes on at the glass studio, as each day is different here. We are also happy to visit the post office once a week to post out your creations to you). Suitable for groups of minimum 2 to maximum 4 participants. (We also welcome larger groups of 5 - 12, please get in touch for custom dates! - perfect for Friends and Family days out, alternative bachelorette and bachelor celebrations, business team-building groups ....) (Teenagers are very welcome with a parent presence, please contact us first to check suitability for your chosen date). We will have a fun time and everybody is welcome. Possible and likely side-effect of taking a glassblowing class: • new skills will be discovered • new friends might be made • glass will be created to take home and enjoyed as your family or friend's heirloom for endless years to come (unless you drop it) • your appreciation for glass will exponentially grow • you have a story to tell your friends and family the next time you meet up • you might want to come back for a follow up class and make more glass items! - - - - - - - Important notice: Cancellation Policy Same day class bookings may not be possible as renting the studio takes places as far in advance as possible. Sometimes we can add you to an existing group, but we need a minimum of 2 participants to run classes. Make sure that you join a group of 2 to be certain you can take your class today. With advance notice of a week or more we can pre-book the studio for your class and / or find an additional student to offer the glassblowing class.... While we try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible : Cancellations or date change requests are best made at least a week prior to your booking. This is because it is often not possible to fill a class cancelled on shorter notice than that and Jason enters a rental agreement with the glassblowing studio when he accepts your booking. As such, guests must cancel 7 days prior to the date of the experience, whether to cancel attendance completely or to move dates. By purchasing, you will be agreeing to this policy. Thank you! Last but not least: all glass create by you has to be collected within a month. If you can not collect it in this time frame you have the option of paying for shipping & handling and we will pop it into the post. If you can not collect, and do not wish to pay for shipping we can not guarantee that the work can be held for you beyond a month.



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