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Metal Sculpture - Intermediate Level

Oakland, CA , United States

About Your Host

In 2006, I sought a change in careers. During an Apprenticeship with a highly successful metal artist, I was inspired to pursue metal art & fabrication. I then took up Welding classes and upon completion, moved to San Francisco. I gained the most extraordinary experiences working in Bay Area creative fabrication shops, building custom decor, furniture, and large scale art pieces for prominent local artists. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and skills with anyone interested. After teaching a few lessons I realized the importance of inspiring youth as well. In 2015, besides hosting one-day classes, I began an Apprentice Program which provides youth an opportunity to learn the metal trades at no cost to them. Currently all proceeds from these Verlocal classes supports that program. So we hope you book a date! Thank you kindly for your interest. Sincerely, ~Day P. Founder of Young Sparks Foundation

What we'll do

ATTENTION! This is a 3 Session Class @ approx 6 Hrs each (dates are flexible) Hello Future Artists, This workshop is offered as a follow up to the Intro to Metal Sculpture class. However, If you have already had a bit of experience with Welding & fabrication elsewhere, then you are welcome to join! If you have no previous welding or metal shop experience please do not sign up to this class but instead, register for the Intro to Metal Sculpture. We at the Young Sparks Foundation, promise you that, the Intro class will fulfill your desire for thrill and the requirement for the Intermediate Level Workshop. In this workshop you will have the freedom to build any project (limit on size) with a Creative Metal Fabricator as your guide. YOU will be expected to come up with a design and build a project primarily on your own. Once you've registered we will discuss your idea and I will advise you on size, materials to use, how long it may take, etc. Students will be briefly re-introduced to the previous skills you learned then, given advance techniques to these skills and, students will also be introduced to new tools not previously used in the "Intro" class, as well as gain more experience overall. For one price*, you will receive 3 visits at approximately 5+ hours each visit. That's enough time to complete a custom designed project. This is an opportunity to level up your experience! If your project takes more time to complete than the initial 4 visits. Since every project is different, the time it takes will vary. This is why I charge per day after the first set of 3 pre-paid visits, cost $50 per each additional shop visit [4~5 hrs] thereafter. I do not break cost down per hour. If any repair or other issues arise with the project built, students are welcome to return at no charge. Your visits can be on ANY DATE you desire chosen from the list of dates I offer in the schedule. or we can discuss what works best for both our schedules. Just contact me if you're interested. Material and supplies for projects already existing in the workshop are no additional cost. If you plan to build from new material then, you must purchase the materials post design and prior to first day we meet. However, before you make any purchases, please communicate with me first. I can get my student's a discount with a local metal supplier! I will be your Creative Advisor yet, YOU will be the CREATIVE FIRE behind it all! You come up with a design and I'll tell you what you'll need to build it and how long it will take. You're perspective will change, your confidence will improve, and you will be an Artist! Say's Thor..."Follow the rainbow bridge!" ~ Day



for Metal Sculpture - Intermediate Level

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