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I love the kitchen; it's my happy place. I grew up with a mom who loved cooking, and cooked beautifully, in a home where the kitchen was always the epicenter of the family. as soon as I was safe around food products and kitchen tools, I was there with mom, mixing meat loafs, rolling the pie crusts, testing the firmness of the pasta, making a fresh tomato salad. I cook regularly, for myself and friends. I'm the menu planner and lead chef on weekend trips away. my lunches are envied at work. So I'm setting out with a mission: to bring my knowledge, my passion, my energy to urbanites with the desire to connect with their kitchens and help transform them into cooks, armed with properly stocked kitchens and the skills needed to navigate them.

What we'll do

I am the founder of KitchFixer, which offers a new take on cooking lessons. Instead of focusing on sets of complex recipes, I focus on skill-building and basics, the fundamentals you need to make meals that are simple, tasty and healthy. I currently work in a package format: 3 in-person sessions conducted at your home - 1 two-hour session + 2 1.5 hour sessions - that cover kitchen stocking (cabinets to fridge), meal planning, and of course, cooking. It's one-on-one (I'm happy to coach couples, friends, family, etc.) and customized to your specific tastes and interests. Please visit or email to learn more.



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    $299 USD

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    $299 USD

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