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Boxing, Kickboxing, & Core Fitness Training in the Bay.

Welcome! My training falls into many categories such as, strength training, muscular endurance, skills training, cardio, body composition and flexibility. Acc...

Boxing, Kickboxing, & Core Fitness Training in the Bay.
Sunnyvale, CA, United States
1 h
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1 - 100 Guest(s)

Welcome! My training falls into many categories such as, strength training, muscular endurance, skills training, cardio, body composition and flexibility. According to your needs and goals, I will work with you to achieve optimal results. My programs not only consist of martial arts but also core, ab workouts and stretching. I'm confident that through my workouts you will be on your way to a healthy, confident and peaceful way of living your life. Muay Thai Referred to as "The Art of Eight Limbs", this workout uses hands, shins, elbows, and knees. It originates from throughout Southeast Asia. I use this type of training for those looking for ultimate fitness, self defense or brush up on skills according to experience. Kick Boxing Has many similarities to MuayThai but does not allow knees, elbows or kicks below the belt .There are many benefits to kick boxing such as a great cardio vascular workout. Improvements in endurance, strength, muscle tone, coordination and flexibility. It also builds lean muscle mass while burning fat. Boxing Boxing is a combat sport and a martial art which two people fight using there fists. It started as early as the ancient Egyptian and Greeks. Its has become a tremendously popular form of training, especially in the entertainment business. It provides , self defense, cardio, muscular endurance and great way of building self confidence.

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As a kid I grew up playing all kinds of sports. Exceeding in martial arts, and later basketball, afforded me the opportunity to obtain a scholarship and play at the intercollegiate level. After joining the military , I later graduated with a degree in Political Science. When I returned to the States, an injury from all of my early years of playing competitive basketball kept me from competing at the level I was use to. I needed and wanted to excel at something new and that's when I started training people in boxing, and martial arts. Almost ten years later I find myself doing what brings me the most passion and peace in life which is training. I have also had a successful career in the security, & personal protection field; however, I am now ready to take what I have learned and experienced over the past decade to help others reach their goals and attain an inner peace and self confidence which I believe can be achieved through my training expertise. My background consists of this distinctive mix of martial art disciplines. muay thai, boxing, jeet kun do, and personal fitness including weight lifting, core and cardiovascular workouts. I hold gloves with the California Savate Association, a French martial art, and certified in jeet kun do kickboxing, and muay thai at the Orange County Kickboxing and Martial Arts Academy. (AFFA) certified as a personal trainer.
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Boxing, Kickboxing, & Core Fitness Training in the Bay.
Hosted by Gustavo G
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