Winter Art & Jewelry Making Design Camp: Taught in Mandarin!

South San Francisco, CA , United States

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MISSION At Dragonfly Designs we enable creativity through holistic art education. VISION We believe that artistic expression is crucial to healthy development. Art should be an engaging, tactile, and rewarding experience. Our goal is to create peaceful and inclusive spaces where each child is empowered to make truly unique treasures by hand. Because there’s no better time for cognitive retention than learning a language at a young age, we offer classes and camps taught in Mandarin and Spanish to children ages 5 – 13. An understanding of art and language expands worldviews and fosters an appreciation for cultural diversity. Meditative focus is a natural part of craft making, and we strive to bring this mindset to all of our full day camps by including an hour of yoga to encourage mindfulness and movement. For adults, we know that art is powerful and can express what words often cannot. For many, creating art provides a powerful experience of relaxation leading to a reduction in stress, anxiety, and worry. We all bring something to the table and we welcome feedback. To that end, you can always reach out to us at with any comments, questions, or if you’d like to hear more about our programs.

What we'll do

Dates: 12/26 - 12/29/16 M - TH, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Location:Dragonfly Designs Studio Open Spaces: 6 each Ages: 5 - 13 Our Method: Campers are able to experience Mandarin language immersion, learn a new skill & increase vocabulary through movement, jewelry making and art. Our Mandarin Immersion camp opens with an hour of daily yoga inspired games (taught in English). Art & Jewelry Making Techniques: Campers will jump into the artistic process and come away with a brand new collection of gorgeous art & jewelry pieces and the skills to make each one of them! We teach a wide array of art & jewelry techniques in one camp, including crimping, patina, resin, stamping and dapping, mosaics, candle & soap making, painting, Shibori, Batik & tie dye, embroidery, wool felting, macrame and copper etching. Each hand-made original piece will also make great gifts to give or keep! Outdoor Time: Lunchtime with Dragonfly Designs brings the opportunity to discover a bit of the surrounding ecology as we incorporate elements found and observed in nature into the creation of gorgeous art & jewelry projects. Campers will come home each day with not only enough art & jewelry to fill an entire jewelry box, build lasting friendships, a great experience and a memorable week of artistic hands on fun! Appropriate For: This camp is ideal for students attending a Mandarin Immersion school or Mandarin classes that are looking to enhance their skills & increase vocabulary using a whole child approach during school breaks. Boys & Girls ages 5 and up, all levels welcome! Jewelry Making Kits are Optional Fun for those who want to make jewelry at home!



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