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Shibori Inspired Indigo Dyeing

Austin, TX , United States

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CRAFT is Austin's walk-in craft room, a giant, all-you-can-make buffet of arts and crafts supplies. For $15 an hour, guests have access to professional acrylic paints, a vast glitter collection, rubber stamps, wood scraps, Legos, and so much more. For people who want to learn a specific craft or want more guidance, we offer workshops. For buffet crafting, just come on in during our regular hours; for workshops, please book in advance. We also offer corporate outings and other events. No kids.

What we'll do

Shibori, an ancient resist dyeing technique, with Blue Indigo Dye makes beautiful textile patterns that you can create yourself! In this workshop we will apply ancient Shibori techniques to our own individual creativity and get to fold & hand dye our own set of tea towels to take home. Bethany of The Aquariust will lead us in Shibori folding techniques, lead us in and teach the how-to's of setting up an indigo vat at home, and we'll get our hands in the vat making fabric creations of vibrant indigo and Shibori patterns! No kids. (Sales tax included)



for Shibori Inspired Indigo Dyeing

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    $62 USD

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    $62 USD

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