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Home or Small Business Consulting

Hi there! My name is Evan and I have successfully transitioned to my own business from a full time job (Defense industry). I run a successful Etsy shop (and A...

Home or Small Business Consulting
Los Angeles, CA, United States
2 h
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Hi there! My name is Evan and I have successfully transitioned to my own business from a full time job (Defense industry). I run a successful Etsy shop (and Amazon now) and started with only $100. Now I fill over 150 orders a month and have constant increasing sales each month. I specialize in boot-strapping a business, meaning that I find the most time AND cost efficient way to run a business in your home or office. This requires knowing all the costs and exposure for each decision. For example, should you sell on Amazon, Ebay or Etsy? Do you know the fees associated with each platform? Did you know Amazon charges 15% and even passes the shipping cost to you or the buyer? Do you know how Search Engine Optimization works on Google or Bing, or even within Amazon or Etsy? Did you know you can make money off your purchases and expenses? (Not talking about a tax write off). There are tons of questions when it comes to business, and I'm here to help streamline the process and provide a clearer picture. I can give advice on 1. Marketing 2. Adwords, 3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 4. Complex Etsy questions and set-up 5. Amazon 6. Cost cutting 7. Cash management 8. Shipping and cost cutting on shipping supplies 9. Explaining Business structures/entities 10. Determining product costs 11. Much more! Feel free to ask me a question regarding your business and we can see if a meeting will be the right fit for you. I charge $40/hour which is a very competitive price. A meeting will consist of a 20 minute introduction of myself and then your business (No charge), followed by 1 or more hours of consultation.

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Hi There! My name is Evan and I am the owner of an online craft shop. I run everything out of my apartment and love what I do. Running a small business is amazing and a craft shop has surprisingly allowed me to be creative and unique. I went to college at a UC and majored in Classics. Naturally, I ended up in Finance. After working for an investment bank, a mortgage company and a government defense contractor, it was time to try my hand at something new. I love working with my hands and wanted to create a business that was just doing that. Now I'm a part owner of a wood shop, and run my own craft store. I'm always open to new ideas, techniques and designs. Check out my store for more about my crafts!
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Home or Small Business Consulting
Hosted by Evan S
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