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Rebounding (using bellicon mini trampolines)

Chicago, IL , United States
1 h

About Your Host

At L&A Healing Studio, LLC we represent artists and instructors from all over the city. From the time that you make an entrance into our healing space, whether it is for retail therapy, yoga, physical therapy, or anytype of art class, our goal is that when you leave our doors, you are relaxed. Everything that we have for display in our store is made from the finest materials available, resulting in high quality, one-of-a-kind art and fashion. Customers who have entered our space declare us as an ideal location and a “museum of the finer things in life”. We facilitate the art of well being for our clients simply by them being in our store. Our atmosphere is so relaxing and therapeutic that they are bound to leave feeling bebetter than they did when they came in! Art has always been Alex's passion. Starting dancing at a young age, he found one of his many passions. Always wanting to learn dancing in his true environment Alex travels, when time permits, to the dance rhythm origins to learn the form in it's birth place. In Brazil he trained with Guillherme Santos, a very well known samba dancer for Portela and Mangueira (Samba schools in Rio de Janeiro). He also lived in Ecuador where he learned traditional cultural dances from the Andean to the Coastal Region. Alex also teaches bachata, salsa, merengue, cumbia, axé, forró, and many more world dances. Along with dance, Alex also teaches jewelry making classes. He teaches everything from basic stringing techniques to beginners metalsmithing.

What we'll do

Various exercises on the trampoline gives your body what it needs. It provides the kind of movement and stimulation required for your body to function properly, to keep you healthy, alert, and energetic. Your heart and lungs need it to maintain or improve their strength and capacity, and to give you energy and endurance. Your bones need it to stay strong and to prevent losing density and becoming brittle as you grow older. Your immune system needs it to flush out toxins and waste from your body to keep you healthy, alert, and vigorous. Low impact on your joints, helps with balance, and coordination. Leo or Alex will guide you through each exercise. Your core will feel stronger, you will become more toned, and have more endurance. Every level is welcome!



for Rebounding (using bellicon mini trampolines)

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