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Spiritual Soul Counseling/Guidance-Your Soul's Guidance w/Truth, Compassion & Love

Spiritual Soul Counseling/Guidance - $120 Your Soul's Guidance with Truth, Compassion & Love I work a little differently than the typical Spiritual Counselor;...

Spiritual Soul Counseling/Guidance-Your Soul's Guidance w/Truth, Compassion & Love
Germantown, MD, United States
1 h
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1 - 100 Guest(s)

Spiritual Soul Counseling/Guidance - $120 Your Soul's Guidance with Truth, Compassion & Love I work a little differently than the typical Spiritual Counselor; I work outside the box, with your Soul and I usually work on-line via email and consultation on the phone. Your Soul is proficient, wise, insightful and loving; as well, provides you with sound guidance and solutions as how to move forward gracefully. With the assistance and guidance from your Soul (Think Dictation-Verbatim-Channeling), I'll impart what it wants you to know and what's most important for you to know at this time in your life. This information provided by your Soul will be done in a most loving way, straight forward and cutting through to the core of the issue thereby, producing the best possible results within the shortest span of time possible. This will assist greatly in allowing you to move forward in your life more relaxed and productive, by creating further clarity to release the bonds that bind you. Your Soul will also guide you with steps on how to move through your current situation in the best way possible way, will also ask you to make proper, very useful adjustments and changes. If you follow what your Soul suggested to the letter, you will finally be able to breath easier, produce a more balanced, joyful and fulfilling life. After you've read your Soul's Guidance, which is usually straight forward, concise and succinct; I'll be more than happy to further discuss your Soul's guidance offered to you and your current challenge (Consultation not more than 45 min.). I'll assist you either via phone call or email whichever you'd prefer. For further details, please visit my website and search for "Spiritual Soul Counseling/Guidance". Please Note: Each hard copy of guidance from your Soul will contain Healing Energy Components/Properties. Once you receive you Soul's Guidance, I ask that you read and re-read your Soul's Guidance at least 2 times per day for the next 2 days before contacting me for consultation. Upon the 3rd day you may connect me via phone or email to set up an appointment, to discuss the guidance offered by your Soul and the issues/challenge(s) you're currently facing (Consultation will not be longer that 45 min). After your consultation with me, it's best to continue to read and re-read your guidance over a period of 2 weeks. You will find the information you've read and understood the first time around, will have greater meaning and impact and you'll probably notice something you hadn't seen before or missed. This is because, the healing energies/properties contained therein would've gently and progressively integrated within your mind and body. You will indeed understand what you've read on a deeper level and be able to set yourself free! I thank you for allowing me to assist you on your road to healing, balance and further self-discovery. Peace & Blessings! Respectfully, Terisse

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Alternative Energetic Healing/Stress Mgmt
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Just a quick note, although I'm listed as living in Maryland (Office in Silver Spring, MD), I visit Washington, DC and New York City frequently. So Washingtonian's and New Yorker's, feel free to contact me if my profile's listed healing modalities fits your needs. (Long Distance Energetic Healing is available too!) I am a self-taught Spiritual Visionary Artist (Creating Energetically Coded Healing Artwork) and Alternative Energetic Healing Practitioner/Soul Worker (hands on-off the body) who pours her heart and soul into her work. Whether the healing energy is transmitted towards my art pieces or an individual the end result is the same, assisting individuals in healing themselves. I have allowed myself to become a vehicle for the Universal Light Life Force (Higher Self, God/Goddess, All That Is) in transmitting healing energies or properties into individuals since 1994 and my soulful healing art expressions since 1995. I continue to play with energy with love and joy and say, for myself, it is the best way to live and experience life! Whichever Alternative Energetic Healing Modality (Ama Deus Shamanic Healing, Reiki or my Natural Intuitive Energetic Healing) I use is quite effective, including my Healing Through Creative Art PlayShop (Stress Mgmt - The Fun Way!) (Literally removing stress from the body by using Intuition, Finger Paint, Brush and Paper; gently pealing back layer after layer of emotional pain - "The Onion Effect") and the Deck of Soul Cards Personal Reading.
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Spiritual Soul Counseling/Guidance-Your Soul's Guidance w/Truth, Compassion & Love
Hosted by Terisse Perez (Visions Of Light-Art)
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