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I've cooked privately for 8 years and take a lot of pride in my work. I want to share my skills with others and have them enjoy an evening that is truly unique. The experience is not just with the food, but also the atmosphere. I want to create an dinner where a group of friends can get together exclusively, without having to worry about noise, time or anything else. I use a lot of equipment but I see them as tools and not the ultimate method. For example, I use a sous vide which may be viewed as the penultimate method of cooking perfection, but it does have areas that it falls short. Sometimes, you can't beat a charcoal grill or a deep fry. Every method has it merits, and I try to bring the best method for each type of food item.

What we'll do

A Prime steak dinner for 4 or more at a private location/venue (I'm willing to host at your home or find a convenient location for your group). You and your friends will dine privately for an evening and will enjoy an appetizer, main course with two sides and dessert. Nothing is pre-made and all ingredients are sourced locally from farmer's markets. Steak is Prime quality (the highest USDA grade) and cooked to your preference. If you are over 21, please feel free to bring your own beverages. The dinner will include wine. Menu Appetizer Bruschetta - Farm tomatoes, garlic, organic basil, imported Italian Olive oil and cheese Main Prime Bone in Rib eye- Sous vide, Butter-thyme-garlic. Searzall/flamethrower finish Potatoes- Kosher salt, simply roasted and fried Brussels Sprouts - Caramelized and roasted Dessert Chocolate Souffle- Secret recipe; prepared and baked same day. Notes *1 booking per night (I want to be attentive to each group and make sure each group has a great experience and is not rushed). *I will answer any questions during the course but leave you and your guests alone to relax and enjoy for most of the evening. *Available bookings begin at 5PM, but I can start at any time after 5PM. *I'm a private cook, not a chef. I've been cooking for others and their guests for 5 years.



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