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Want to sell your Fashion Designs or Jewlery? Build a Profitable Fashion Brand/Business in 8 Weeks !

So you love Fashion? In fact you either went to school for it and know the basics of sewing or maybe you don't and you just have an amazing idea or passion and...

Want to sell your Fashion Designs or Jewlery? Build a Profitable Fashion Brand/Business in 8 Weeks !
Los Angeles, CA, United States
2 h
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So you love Fashion? In fact you either went to school for it and know the basics of sewing or maybe you don't and you just have an amazing idea or passion and ready to share with the world! YES!! you can bring it to life and no you don't need to go to fashion school if you haven't and you don't need to keep procrastinating your dreams! No matter how amazing your designs or idea for your brand maybe "Fashion is a Business" Over 10 years working as a Designer and Visionary Brander I preach" you're only as good as your sales" right? well of course because if no one is buying than you're not selling and that my friend is more like a hobby than a business! Embark in this 8 Week Journey of what I'd like to call #thebeyonceofbranding No, Seriously who doesn't love Beyonce okay maybe you don't but look at her success and her way of building her BRAND reaps the benefits of her success. Did I mention it's at your OWN Pace YES, No need to travel in that LA Traffic because we meet virtually once a week and if you miss a session it's 100% recorded. So you can start WHENEVER and review whenever Queen Bey is a powerhouse and she brings her A-Game to every single thing she works on. You may not shimmy and dance like her but you can slay your branding strategy and werk your own brand and becoming a branding powerhouse. We have all the tools you need right here with our Beyonce of Branding course, an 8 week resource that will transform your aspirations into record breaking realities. Get in formation and #slay! BEYONCE NEVER SLEEPS This Class is really 10 weeks so although it's 8 weeks paid you get and intro class and recap class as a BONUS! So no matter if you're starting, building or growing your idea/brand TRUST me you will learn nothing but AMAZING! This 8 week E-course is ideal for designers and professionals at any level of their business who want to ROCK the house with a BANG! Week 1- Bring it ( How to stand out?) Week 2 -Edge makes you memorable ( How to get your products to stand out) Week 3- YES, I run the world ( making a difference through your brand ) Week 4 - Own it ! How to be authentic and create relationships with Press and Joint Ventures Week 5 - Nail it ! Launching everyday like a concert on tour and making sales Week 6- Cultivate it ,Getting Brand ambassadors to promote you for FREE Week 7- Express it, Adding the emotional connection to buyers and customers Week 8 - Legends Daily List for continued Success So are you ready ? Want to see the testimonials ! Inbox me for the link!

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Alicia Sanchez hits the fashion scene with her line Favala Designs. Her line is fresh and hip with many inspirations taken from all spectrums of fashion- from funk to street to Caribbean flavors. Favala Designs allows you to bring out your own personal style without breaking the bank. Favala Designs has been featured in various international fashion weeks including but not Limited to Dominican Republic Fashion Week , NYC Fashion Week , DC Fashion Week , Trinidad & Tobago Fashion Week and sold through sectors of privatized wholesale and retail markets within the US and Caribbean. Alicia also focuses her time with helping emerging designers and retail owners through a vast majority of marketing, branding methods to spice up different aspects of their collections or gaining new customers. Curator of “Fashion Is A Business” while taking her boot camp and workshops global! She states “I learned the hard way, I never went to fashion school but my business background, my drive , dedication, hunger for this industry and my amazing mentors throughout the process has led me to build long lasting relationships with Public Relation , Distribution , manufactures and Brand Management. My experiences come from every element that has made me appreciate the journey. The workshops offered is the real deal, real scenarios and real situations that an Institute could never cover in your journey of the apparel industry.” Her education has focused on Fashion Merchandising and Business Marketing with a concentration of an MBA in International Business. Member of National Association of Professional Women. She has trained with elite profess
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Want to sell your Fashion Designs or Jewlery? Build a Profitable Fashion Brand/Business in 8 Weeks !
Hosted by As Favala
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