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Vintage Vineyards: Winery Tours of Sonoma & Napa

San Francisco, CA , United States

About Your Host

I know wine. My goal is to teach you what you want to know. Dispel myths and take the mystery out of choosing wines to buy. I've been delivering high quality (and even some ironically man-cave / dive-bar type winery tours) for years now--three per week. I know a fair amount about farming techniques, the varietals, and the microclimates that affect the wines you will taste. I know the spots that give the best service, or pour the best Cabs, or have scenic and romantic vistas. I'm forty-something, a former non-profit CEO, a tech start-up veteran, and chairman of one of Harvard's SF alumni associations. I was born and raised on a humble family farm in PA and love talking about soil types. I workout every day but am not a huge fan of kale. I also teach kayaking, fishing and horseback riding to kids. I love to have fun with my clients. I have plenty of 5-star reviews on Yelp and can give good references, if need be. Call me, let's chat. No hard sell. I want whats best for you.

What we'll do

The cost is $500 - $900 per day (roughly 9 AM - 7 PM); it depends on the number of people and the size of vehicle we'll need. The Day: I take you and your guests to wine country and back--either Sonoma or Napa. Throughout the day we discuss winemaking, tasting, and buying. I'll be alongside you at (most) tastings and give you hands-on instruction--without appearing to be schooling you in front of strangers. It's as formal or as casual a relationship as you'd like it to be. I've been tasting and touring wineries for several years--I've been to over 100. I do not advertise, and before discovering Verlocal, all my business has been word-of-mouth. I've taught hundreds of people how to taste and discover what they like. And more importantly how to buy wine when you return home to your local grocery store. If you are no wine snob, good, neither am I. I just know what to look for and have hundreds of days worth of experience visiting wineries. You'll learn the definitions of many key winemaking terms--terroir, brix, appellation, shattering, shaking, toasted, devatting. And what exactly does "reserve" mean? Or what makes an "estate wine"? Why are some chardonnays "buttery" and others are "grassy"? If you love wine, but want to know more about styles, flavors, regions, and pricing, you will learn it on a day trip with me. If you don't much understand wine, you'll still have fun. We begin at a location of your choice in (or near) San Francisco/Oakland at 9 or 10 AM and return to around 6 or 7 PM. We'll book tastings and/or tours at three and up to six wineries, plus stop for lunch. You can choose all, some, or ask me to choose them for you. I've designed wine tasting days for newlyweds, anniversaries, birthdays, and even sommeliers from other cities looking for new wines to add to their restaurant wine lists. Some people incorporate shopping in quaint downtown St Helena, antiquing, or a hot air ballon ride too. You choose the details of the experience and I'll make all the reservations. I can craft: ~ a Napa or Sonoma experience, ~ all nationally-known labels or under-the-radar boutiques, ~ all organic farms, ~ super-modern architecture or classic California farmhouses, and ~ cave tours. A ten-hour day ranges from $500 to $900. Final price depends on several factors. And of course a photo op stop on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Let's chat about your vehicle preferences as well. Looking forward to meeting you! ~ Rob



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    $600 USD

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