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Goddess Work Summer Playshop VIRTUAL RETREAT

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Activate Your Feminine Power The Goddess Work Playshop Series: Rekindle Your Passion & Prowess Summer Playshop Journey through the Sacred Feminine Activating the Element of Fire & The Power of Goddess Archetypes You are invited to an enriching experience that will awaken your feminine rhythms and deepen your love. Nurture your mind, body and soul with sacred feminine rituals, goddess guidance, movement flow practices, and sensual loving experiences for embodying your receptivity and creativity. This Goddess Work Summer Playshop is designed to take you through your journey of the Sacred Feminine by Invoking the Element of Fire within to Rekindle Your Passion & Prowess, Activating Your Feminine Power. The Goddess Work Playshop Series was created for you to dive deeper into your feminine soul, cultivate intuitive inspiration, and elevate your inner joy in life. This Series intended to connect you to the natural sensuous rhythms and women's ways. The Goddess Work Playshop Series will evoke and enhance your inner beauty. In this intimate setting, Marcela will guide you through practices and moving meditations that will help you feel sexy, enlivened and nourished. She will be leading you through enchanting exercises on women's sensuality, and creative expression through the power of the elements and goddess archetypes. Join me to invoke your inner sexy and create the alchemy necessary to ignite your feminine magic, Express that magnetic energy that is uniquely yours through The Goddess Work Playshop Series



for Goddess Work Summer Playshop VIRTUAL RETREAT

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    $97 USD

    per person

    $97 USD

    per person