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Learn French through French Wines!

Long Beach, CA , United States

About Your Host

I grew up out in eastern Long Island, NY, which was a burgeoning wine scene at the time and had the good fortune to work at a fantastic winery while finishing up my undergrad degree in French Lit. I moved around quite a bit over the years, but always came back to wine, landing a plum position at a high end boutique in New York and earning an advanced certificate from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust. Travel, language, food, and wine remain my key passions, though vintage markets are pretty high up there as well!

What we'll do

Need a new twist on a wine party? How about learning a language at the same time? Let's face it - learning a language is TOUGH. Our courses are designed to teach you French in the context of French wines. We can design general overviews, or go through specific regions (i.e., Burgundy using the present tense). We have a wide range of classes to offer. And the best part? Drinking French wines in class is required! Each class includes key vocabulary, how to read wine labels, information about the region, pronunciation, practice using the grammar structures, perfect pairings, and how to read and write tasting notes in French. Every guest will receive tasting sheets to take home as well. (Pricing varies according to number of guests and types of wines. Contact me to set up dates.)



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